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Hitler youth knife reproduction

The Hitler Youth Knife (German: Hitler-Jugend-Fahrtenmesser) was a knife sold to and carried by children of the paramilitary youth organization of the Nazi Party that existed from 1922 to 1945. The Hitler Youth wore knives as part of their uniform, which was very similar to the uniforms worn by the Sturmabteilung or SA. The knife was also given to those who performed exceptionally well in minor exams.


The Hitler Youth knife is mostly based on Mauser Gewehr 98 bayonets, except that it does not have a fuller (groove), and it is designed to be a knife rather than a bayonet. Hitler Youth knives typically have an enameled swastika emblem on the obverse grip, and a Reichszeugmeisterei inscription on the blade. In early 1937, the motto Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honour!) began to be etched on early knife blades, but this practice was abolished and later knives were produced with plain blades.


There are large numbers of fake and reproduction Hitler Youth Knives. After the war, an unknown quantity of Hitler Youth-style knives were shipped to the United States, made from mostly surplus parts, with the swastika emblem on the handle of many knives replaced with a fleur-de-lis emblem, similar to that used by the Boy Scouts.

Knives of this style are still made for recreational use. Authentic models include a small leather swatch that prevents metal on metal contact between the handle and sheath, and have steel rather than alloy scabbards. Some fake scabbards also have a raised lip at the throat, unlike genuine ones.