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File:Holiday in the Park logo.jpg
Holiday in the Park logo used at several Six Flags Parks

Holiday in the Park is a Christmas event that takes place at several Six Flags parks. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom holds the record for the Bay Area’s biggest Christmas Tree.

General Information

File:Holiday in the Park (Six Flags over Texas).JPG
The 'Best Time of the Year' is one of the many holiday traditions that make up Six Flags Over Texas annual Holiday in the Park celebration.

Six Flags started Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Texas in 1985. The event ran from late November to early January.[1] During this time the park was transformed into a gigantic holiday festival, with hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights as well as special holiday shows, rides, merchandise, foods, drinks, and a giant Christmas Tree in the center of the park. The event was expanded to Six Flags Astroworld in 1988.[2] Six Flags Over Georgia held the event in 1989 and 1990 but discontinued it after 1990. Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom opened this event in 2007, and Great Escape in 2009. Six Flags Astroworld's last season for this event was in 1997, and the event was cancelled in 1998.[3] The Great Escape's event ran only for the 2009 season as Six Flags stated that the event was successful at the park, but also claimed a "business decision" was the reason behind the cancellation of the "Holiday in the Park" for the 2010 season.[4] Six Flags México and Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark announced they will be celebrating a Christmas event similar to Holiday in the Park but as Christmas in the Park in Mexico and Holiday in the Lodge in New York, starting winter 2012.[5] In April 2014, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Over Georgia both announced that they will host the Holiday in the Park Christmas event in late 2014 and for future years after.[6][7] Six Flags Great Adventure will begin having Holiday in the Park events in 2015.[8]


Current Locations

Location First Season Months Operated Notes
Six Flags Over Texas 1985 November to January
Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2007 November to January The park had a Christmas event before from 1994-1997 as Lone Star Christmas
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2007 November to January
Six Flags México 2012 November to January Known as Christmas in the Park
Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark 2012 November to December Known as Holiday in the Lodge
Six Flags Magic Mountain 2014 November to January
Six Flags Over Georgia 1989, Reinstated in 2014 November to January Also operated during the 1989 season
Six Flags Great Adventure 2015 November to January
Six Flags St Louis[1] 2016 November to January
Six Flags America[2] 2016 November to January

Former Locations

Location First Season Last Season Months Operated
Six Flags AstroWorld 1988 1997 November to January
Great Escape 2009 2009 November to December

Other Six Flags Christmas Events

Six Flags operated Winter Lights at Six Flags Great Adventure for the 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 seasons in November through January. It was a drive through (like Six Flags Wild Safari) with Christmas lights along the road, also with holiday rides, food, and shops.[9]

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