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Holly Lisle (born 1960) is an American writer of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance and romantic suspense novels. She is also known for her work in educating writers, including her e-book Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love And Money, starting the Forward Motion Writers' Community web site, and her novel-writing and revision courses How to Think Sideways.


Unless otherwise noted, books on this list are fantasy.




Co-authored with Marion Zimmer Bradley

  • 1996 Glenraven
  • 1998 In the Rift – Glenraven II

Devil's Point

  • 1996 Sympathy for the Devil
  • 1996 The Devil and Dan Cooley (with Walter Spence)
  • 1997 Hell on High (with Ted Nolan)

Bard's Tale

The Secret Texts

  • 1998 Diplomacy of Wolves
  • 1999 Vengeance of Dragons
  • 2000 Courage of Falcons
  • 2002 Vincalis the Agitator (a prequel to the other three books which form a trilogy)

World Gates

  • 2002 Memory of Fire
  • 2003 The Wreck of Heaven
  • 2004 Gods Old and Dark


  • 2005 Talyn
  • 2008 Hawkspar

Moon and Sun

Other fiction

  • 1992 When the Bough Breaks (with Mercedes Lackey)
  • 1993 Minerva Wakes
  • 1994 The Rose Sea (with S.M. Stirling)
  • 1995 Mall, Mayhem and Magic (with Chris Guin)
  • 1997 Hunting the Corrigan's Blood (science fiction)
  • 2004 Midnight Rain (paranormal romantic suspense)
  • 2005 Last Girl Dancing (paranormal romantic suspense)
  • 2006 I See You (paranormal romantic suspense)
  • 2007 Night Echoes (paranormal romantic suspense)

Books for writers

  • 2000 Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love and Money (non-fiction) (e-book)
  • 2006 Create a Character Clinic (non-fiction) (e-book, available via the author's web shop)
  • 2006 Create a Language Clinic (non-fiction) (e-book)
  • 2006 Create a Culture Clinic (non-fiction) (e-book)
  • 2007 Create a Plot Clinic (non-fiction) (e-book)
  • In progress: Create a World Clinic[citation needed]


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