Houston Astros award winners and league leaders

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This is a list of award winners and league leaders for the Houston Astros professional baseball team.



National League MVP

Cy Young Award

National League

American League

Rookie of the Year

National League

American League

National League Manager of the Year

National League Rolaids Relief Man Award

See footnote[1]

Gold Glove Award

Silver Slugger

NL Championship Series MVP

DHL Hometown Heroes (2006)

  • — voted by MLB fans as the most outstanding player in the history of the franchise, based on on-field performance, leadership quality and character value

Sporting News Rookie of the Year Award

Note: From 1963 through 2003, TSN split the rookie award into two separate categories: Rookie Pitcher of the Year and Rookie Player of the Year.

National League

American League

Topps All-Star Rookie teams

The Sporting News Executive of the Year Award

Ford C. Frick Award (broadcasters)

See: Houston Astros#Ford C. Frick Award (broadcasters)

J. G. Taylor Spink Award (baseball writers)

Team award

Team records (single-season)

Minor-league system

Baseball America Minor League All-Star Team

Other achievements

Retired numbers

See: Houston Astros#Retired numbers

Darryl Kile Good Guy Award

See Darryl Kile#Memorial and footnote[3]
  • 2003 – Jeff Bagwell
  • 2004 - Roy Oswalt
  • 2005 - Morgan Ensberg
  • 2006 - Brad Lidge
  • 2007 - Woody Williams
  • 2008 - Hunter Pence
  • 2009 - Brian Moehler
  • 2010 - Geoff Blum
  • 2011 - Jason Borgeois
  • 2012 - no winner selected
  • 2013 - Carlos Corporan
  • 2014 - Scott Feldman

National League Statistical Batting Leaders

Slugging percentage



At Bats


  • Jeff Bagwell (104, 1994)
  • Craig Biggio (123, 1995)
  • Craig Biggio (146, 1997)
  • Jeff Bagwell (143, 1999)
  • Jeff Bagwell (152, 2000)


Total Bases






Stolen Bases

        *Michael Bourn was traded to Atlanta Braves before trade deadline in 2011.


Runs Created

Extra-Base Hits

Times on Base

Hit By Pitch

Sacrifice Hits

Sacrifice Flies

Grounded into Double Plays

At Bats per Strikeout

At Bats per Home Run


National League Statistical Pitching Leaders



Won-Loss %


Hits Allowed/9IP







Games Started


Home Runs Allowed

Walks Allowed

Strikeout to Walk


Earned Runs Allowed

Wild Pitches

Hit Batsmen

Batters Faced

Games Finished

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  1. MLB appears to have dropped the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award as an official MLB award, after the 2006 season. Relief Man Award winners (1976-2006). Awards (The Official Site of MLB's Honors and Accolades). MLB Advanced Media, L.P. (MLB.com). Retrieved 2010-06-09. Established in 1976, it does not appear on the MLB.com awards page for the most recent completed season. 2010 Awards. MLB Advanced Media, L.P. Retrieved 2011-08-21. The MLB Delivery Man of the Year Award (initially sponsored by DHL) was first given in 2005 and does appear on the MLB.com awards page for the most recent completed season. Prior to both awards, in 1960, The Sporting News established its Fireman of the Year Award, to recognize the best closer from each league. In 2001, the award was broadened to include all relievers and was renamed The Sporting News Reliever of the Year Award. In 2002, MLB began its This Year in Baseball Awards (TYIB Awards) (for all of MLB, not for each league), including Pitcher of the Year and Setup Man of the Year. In 2004, a Closer of the Year category was added and "Pitcher of the Year" was renamed "Starting Pitcher of the Year". In or about 2000, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum began its Hilton Smith Legacy Award for "Relievers of the Year".
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  3. Two awards are presented each year, one to a Houston Astro and one to a St. Louis Cardinal, each of whom exemplifies Kile's virtues of being "a good teammate, a great friend, a fine father and a humble man." The winners are selected, respectively, by the Houston and St. Louis chapters of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Darryl Kile Award. Baseball Almanac. Retrieved 2010-07-02.