Huishui Miao

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Huishui Miao
Native to China
Region Guizhou
Native speakers
180,000 (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
hmc – Central
hme – Eastern
hmi – Northern
hmh – Southwestern
Glottolog huis1239[2]

Huishui Miao, AKA Huishui Hmong, is a Miao language of China. It is named after Huishui County, Guizhou, though not all varieties are spoken there. The endonym is Mhong, though it shares this with Gejia and it is simply a variant spelling of Hmong. Raojia is closely related.

Huishui was given as a subgroup of Western Hmongic in Strecker (1987). Matisoff (2001) split it into four separate languages, and, conservatively, did not retain it as a group.


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