Hunayn, Saudi Arabia

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For other uses, see Hunayn (disambiguation).
Flag of Hunayn
Coat of arms of Hunayn
Coat of arms
Location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 21°26′N 40°21′E / 21.433°N 40.350°E / 21.433; 40.350
Country Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia
Province Makkah
 • Provincial Governor Meshal bin Abdullah Al Saud
Elevation 1,879 m (6,165 ft)
Time zone Arabian Standard Time (UTC+3)

Hunayn (Arabic: حنين‎‎) is a location in Saudi Arabia, close to the city of Ta'if.

Hunayn is located between Mecca and Taif in the Sarawat Mountains.[1] The location, on the Meccah to Taif Road, is a wide arid valley surrounded by barren rocky mountains.[2] The Battle of Hunayn took place here.[3]

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