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ISO 690 is an ISO standard for bibliographic referencing in documents of all sorts.[1][clarification needed] It includes electronic documents, and specifies the elements to be included in references to published documents, and the order in which the elements of the reference should be stated. Punctuation and style (output mask) are not part of the standard; it is a standard for content more than for presentation. Thus, it influences a user's XML and XSL, although not necessarily the CSS.

ISO 690 covers references to published material in both print and non-print form. It does not apply to references to manuscripts or other unpublished material[citation needed]. The latest version was published in 2010 and covers all kinds of information resources, including monographs, serials, contributions, patents, cartographic materials, electronic information resources (including computer software and databases), music, recorded sound, prints, photographs, graphic and audiovisual works, and moving images.[2]

Parts of the document

Until 2010, ISO 690 appeared in two ISO documents:

  • ISO 690:1987 (Information and documentation - Bibliographic references - Content, form and structure);
  • ISO 690-2:1997 (Information and documentation - Bibliographic references - Part 2: Electronic documents or parts thereof)

Examples of citation (ISO 690:1987)

Actual status of standard is ISO 690:2010.[3] The material is copyrighted and not free for distribution. Basically, the application of older version of ISO standard is not a fault.

Lominandze, DG. Cyclotron waves in plasma. Translated by AN. Dellis; edited by SM. Hamberger. 1st ed. Oxford : Pergamon Press, 1981. 206 p. International series in natural philosophy. Translation of: Ciklotronnye volny v plazme. ISBN 0-08-021680-3.
Parts of a monograph
Parker, TJ. and Haswell, WD. A Text-book of zoology. 5th ed., vol 1. revised by WD. Lang. London : Macmillan 1930. Section 12, Phyllum Mollusca, pp. 663-782.
Contributions in a monograph
Wringley, EA. Parish registers and the historian. In Steel, DJ. National index of parish registers. London : Society of Genealogists, 1968, vol. 1, pp. 155-167.
Communication equipment manufacturers. Manufacturing a Primary Industries Division, Statistics Canada. Preliminary Edition, 1970- . Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 1971- . Annual census of manufacturers. (English), (French). ISSN 0700-0758.
Articles in a serial
Weaver, William. The Collectors: command performances. Photography by Robert Emmet Bright. Architectural Digest, December 1985, vol. 42, no. 12, pp. 126-133.

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