I Apologize (album)

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I Apologize
File:Ginuwine-I Apologize.jpg
Studio album by Ginuwine
Released February 13, 2007
Genre Contemporary R&B
Length 40:19
Label Siccness
Ginuwine chronology
Greatest Hits
(2006)Greatest Hits2006
I Apologize
A Man's Thoughts
(2009)A Man's Thoughts2009

I Apologize, while credited to Ginuwine, is not an official release but has acceptance to his catalog.[citation needed] It peaked at #50 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.[1][not in citation given]

According to the San Diego Union Tribune an article written by music critic George Varga, Music Manager Leon Youngblood was quoted as saying, "the album was suppose [sic] to be a Ginuwine Presents Album, it did very well on such a low budget the album reached number 50 on the billboard charts". Youngblood and his wife Ginger both managed the recording artist, who hit number 50 on the charts. The album 'I Apologize' was released in Feb 13, 2007.


Elgin Baylor Lumpkin aka Ginuwine was born in Washington, D.C., on October 15, 1970 to parents Sandra Lumpkin and James II Lumpkin who are both deceased (MTV). Music was at the center of his heart from an early age after being inspired by Prince and Michael Jackson. At the age of 12 he was already performing at parties and local bars. His major breakthrough came when he joined forces with Producer Timbaland and went on to release his first album Ginuwine, the Bachelor in 1996 (MTV). Since then he went on to release many more albums with one of the being I apologize. Ginuwine is married to Tonya Lumpkin, who is also an artist and goes by the name Sole. Together they have eight children (MTV). Ginuwine recently formed a group named TGT made up of Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese and they have released and album entitled Three Kings (Essence).


Release and reception


After its release on February 13, 2007, the album I Apologize was distributed to the stores for sale but soon after that there was a dispute regarding the copyright of the CD (AllMusic). Apparently the CD had only three songs attributed to Ginuwine and the rest were by other undisclosed artists. It was therefore not an official release and official sales have not been concluded as this was an unauthorized album (AllMusic).

Track listing

  1. "Intro" – 1:06
  2. "I Apologize" (Melvin "Melrog" Rogers, Ted Clinkscale, Elgin Lumpkin) – 4:20
  3. "Since I Found U" (featuring Tommy Redding) (P. Deleon, M. Edwards, V. Ichihara) – 3:01
  4. "Better Days" (featuring Tommy Redding) (Tommy Redding) – 4:25
  5. "Happy at Home" (featuring I-Rocc) (R. Eddington, S. Groves, B. Houston, I. Woods) – 3:19
  6. "Say When" (featuring Tommy Redding) (T. Redding) – 5:09
  7. "It's Real" (featuring Racheul Evans) (Clinkscale, Edwards, R. Evans, Groves, Limpkin, Rogers, J. Williams) – 4:14
  8. "What's It Gunna Be" (featuring Tommy Redding) (Eddington, Groves, Redding) – 3:26
  9. "Like Me" (featuring G-Dep and Loon) (Eddington, Groves, Chauncey Hawkins, B. Houston) – 4:04
  10. "Twerk" (featuring Tommy Redding) (Clinkscale, Redding, Rogers) – 3:30
  11. "I Apologize" (remix) (featuring Smigg Dirtee, B-Way) (Clinkscale, Lumpkin, Rogers) – 3:20
  12. "Outro" – 0:25


  • Mike Eddy- Primary Artist (Track 3, "Since I found u)
  • Rachel Evans- Primary artist
  • G. Dep- Featured Artist, Primary Artist (Track 9, "Like me")
  • Ginuwine- Main Personnel, Primary Artist, Vocals
  • Hartman the Hit Man- Producer
  • I-Rocc- Primary Artist (Track 5, "Happy at home")
  • Loon- Featured artist, primary artist (Track 9, "Like me")
  • Jayz- Engineer
  • Reason- Vocals
  • T- Redding- Engineer, producer (Track 6, "say when")
  • Tommy Redding- Primary artist (tracks 4,6,8&10)
  • Melvin Rodgers- Audio production, producer
  • Smigg Dirtee- Primary artist (Track 11 "I apologize (Remix)")
  • Peter Wonder – Producer

Charts and certifications

Even though it was not an official release, and on a low budget, I apologize was ranked no.29 on the Top Independent Albums charts and no.50 on the R&B Albums charts that year (AllMusic).



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