Illinois Inline Hockey hall of fame

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The Illinois Inline Hockey Hall of Fame was created in 2006 to honor individuals, organizations, and leagues that have been crucial to the sport of inline hockey in Illinois, USA. It was also created to honor players that have excelled in the sport of inline hockey. Each recipient must receive 7 out of 10 votes to be elected. The board is made up of 10 grandfathers. As of 2009, one player from each class will vote, leaving 6 grandfathers. Every year the number of grandfathers will decrease by one until only the president has a vote along with 1 hall of fame member from each class.

Each year in December, the Illinois Inline Hockey Hall of Fame will have a dinner to honor the year's inductees. In order to be considered for the Hall of Fame, players, coaches or teams must meet two of the following.

  • Be in a recognized League
  • Be active for more than five years
  • Play in a National Tournament Series
  • Help advance the sport in some way

Class of 2006

  • Christopher Walsh - Rockford Raccoons - Coach/League Operator
  • Dan Costanza - Tour Mudcats- Pro Player/League Operator/Statewars Coach
  • Marc Costanza - Tour Mudcats- Pro Player/League Operator/Statewars Coach
  • Tyler Grant - Illinois Fighting Illini- Player
  • Chicago Sharks
  • Chicago Scream
  • Luke Ostra- Chicago Scream- Team President/Coach
  • Cindy Ostra- Chicago Scream- Team Treasure/Tournament Organizer
  • Patrick Jennings-South Side Snipers- Player

Class of 2007

  • Pete Messina- Chicago Sharks - Player/Pro Player-Chicago RollerSnakes
  • Tinley Park Roller Hockey League
  • David Ryder - Chicago Vipers- Coach
  • Brian Ryder - Chicago Vipers/Chicago Sharks/Michigan State-Player
  • Rock River Roller Hawks

Class of 2008

  • Frank Vellor- Frankfort Knights- Team Assistant
  • Andrew Palunwski- Tinley Park Bulldogs- Player
  • Billy Palunwski- Chicago Scream- Player

Class of 2009

  • Alex Keller- Rock River Roller Hawks/Ball State University/Indianapolis Destroyers - player
  • Bloomington Phantoms
  • Interstate Center
  • Brandon Williams - Chicago Crush - player
  • Michael Allen - Springfield Flacons - player
  • Tinley Park Bulldogs

Class of 2010

  • Edward Morris - Suburban Hockey League-President
  • Dennis York - Illinois State University - Player
  • Sean Conlon-Tinley Park Bulldogs/PIAS Shamrocks - Player
  • St. Charles Sportsplex
  • Brad Larson - St. Elizabeth Hornets - player
  • Matt Kluppcheck - Tinley Park Bulldogs/University of Illinois - player