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Imme Dros (born 26 September 1936, Oudeschild, Texel) is a Dutch writer of children's literature.


Dros grew up on the island of Texel. She studied Dutch in Amsterdam. There she met her husband Harrie Geelen, with whom she had three children. As a homemaker, she wrote her first book in 1971. Her husband has illustrated several of her books. She currently resides in Hilversum.


In the 70s Dros wrote books mainly about animals. Young adolescents were her main theme in the 80s. In that time she also shifted towards books for a younger audience. From the 90s on she made the classic works of Homer and other Greek mythology stories into new forms.One of those books about a character from Greek Mythology is Odysseus : een man van verhalen, this book describes how Odysseus tries to get back home after the Trojan War. The book is written in a rather poetic style of writing. Many of her works have received awards from Dutch literary critics.


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