In Search of Lovecraft

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In Search of Lovecraft
Directed by David J. Hohl
Produced by
  • David J. Hohl
  • Michael Rosen
Written by David J. Hohl
Music by Troy Sterling Nies
Cinematography Michael Rosen
Edited by
  • David J. Hohl
  • Greg Whitlow
HohloGraphic Productions
Distributed by Maxim Media International
Release dates
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

In Search of Lovecraft is a 2008 American horror film that was directed and written by David J. Hohl.[1] The film stars Renee Sweet as an unfulfilled reporter that comes face to face with nightmares from early 20th-century horror writer H. P. Lovecraft's work.[2] It premiered at the 2008 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival.[3]


When the reporter Rebecca Marsh (Renee Sweet) is sent to cover a local Halloween event concerning H.P. Lovecraft, she's bored and frustrated. This isn't what she wanted to do with her life and she doesn't really want to be there, an outlook that isn't entirely shared by her assistant Amber (Denise Amrikhas) or her cameraman Mike (Tytus Bergstrom). However, as the night progresses she discovers that Lovecraft's stories weren't entirely fiction and were based partially on fact, something that Rebecca finds is all too true when she's attacked by a dark force.


  • Renee Sweet as Rebecca Marsh
  • Denise Amrikhas as Amber Martin
  • Tytus Bergstrom as Mike
  • John D. Edge as Nyarlathotep
  • Tony Grat as Hillbilly
  • Noel Harris as News Editor
  • Larry Laverty as Professor Sutton
  • Saqib Mausoof as Dr. D'Souza
  • Sue Ramsey as Sara
  • Michael Andrew Reed as Homeless Bum
  • Rachael Robbins as Keja
  • Bonnie Steiger as Martha Whitmore
  • Cameron Weston as Nigel Curwin

Reception gave the film a favorable review, writing "This is a nice representation of making what's due with what is on hand and not having to expense a lot of extra frills. The frills may have heightened the presentation but I think as an audience we get the gist of the direction enough to take in what is being served up. Hohl has created a decent supernatural thriller that holds up just fine in its low budget nature."[4]

In contrast, Brutal as Hell heavily panned In Search of Lovecraft, as they felt that "If Howie were still alive, I think he’d sue the shit out of the filmmakers and possibly use the winnings to hire a hitman and have everyone involved in this travesty solidly whacked right the hell into the outer void of space and time. Word up, Hohl: try searching for Lovecraft a little harder, cuz you ain’t found him yet."[5]


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