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Sociology of food is the study of food as it relates to the history, progression, and future development of society. This includes production, distribution, conflict, medical application, ritual, spiritual, and cultural applications, environmental and labor issues.


5 A Day - acceptable daily intake - aggregate nutrient density index - ageusia - animal source foods - additives - aeroponics - agriculture - alcohol - alcoholic beverage control state - algaculture - Androphagi - antibiotic - antioxidant - appellation - Appellation d'origine contrôlée - apiculture - aphagia - appetite - aquaculture - asado


baker's dozen - baking - Banchan - barbecue - barbecue in the United States - beer - beer style - benzopyrene - berenklauw - beverage-can stove - biodiversity - blind-baking - birthday cake - bottom trawling - bottom's up - bottled water - braai - breadbox - broasting - broiling - bulgogi - bread - bushfood - bushmeat - bycatch


canning - cannibalism - carbohydrate - carry over cooking - cart noodle - catch and release - casu marzu - cereal - cha chaan teng - charbroil - Churchkhela - comfort food - Common Agricultural Policy - Common Fisheries Policy - control of fire by early humans - conveyor belt sushi - convenience food - cooking - cookware and bakeware - cretan diet - curingculinarycurry


dai pai dong - deep frying - Denominazione di origine controllata - diabetes - diet - dietary supplement - dieting - digestion - dim sum - distilled beverage - drying - dysgeusia


eatingeating disordersenzymeentomophagyenvironmental vegetarianismessential nutrientethicsexercise


- factory ship - famine - FARMA - farmers' market - fast food - fasting - fat - fat acceptance movement - fiber - finger bowl - fishing - food allergy - food bank - food chain - food consumption by class - food consumption by gender - food consumption by race - food consumption by socioeconomic status - food contaminants - food energy - Food for Peace - food fortification - food guide pyramid - food irradiation - food labeling regulations (U.K., E.U.) - food microbiology - food policy - food porn - food price crisis - food processing - food safety - food security - food sovereignty - food vs fuel - FreeRice - Free The Hops - fresherized - from scratch - fruitarianism - functional food


galbigameGame & Wildlife Conservation TrustGas Markgastronomygeographical indicationGeographical indications and traditional specialities (EU)geoponicglycemic index - Gourmet Museum and LibraryGreen Revolutiongrilling


healthy eating pyramidhealth claims on food labelsHechsher Tzedekhigh altitude cookingHigh-Level Conference on World Food Security - home canninghot salt fryinghot sand fryinghungerhunter-gathererhuntinghydroponics


ikizukuriinediaindigenous Australian food groupsInternational English food terms


Jamaican jerk spice


Kansas City-style barbecueketogenic dietkitchen stoveKorean barbecue


leftoversliqueurlocal foodlou mei


main coursemariculturemarinationMarine Protected Areamasticationmaximum sustainable yieldmealmeat analogue -(metabolic foods) — mushroom huntingmineralMyPyramid


Nasi liwetnutraceuticalnutritionNyotaimori


obesityOdori ebioenologyoenophilia - Okazu - Opson - OpsophagosORECoverfishing


parbakingpasteurizationpersistence huntingpescetarianismplacentophagypreservationpicklingpink slimeportable stoveprebioticpreservativespressure cookingpressure fryingprobioticprotein


Quality Wines Produced in Specified Regions


rocket stoverotisserieroot vegetable


sannakjisashimisautéingsavoury (small dish)seasoningshark finningsiu meiSlow Foodsoupsoystarvationsurimisushisustainabilitysustainable food system


tastetea cultureteppanyakiteriyakiterroirtrans fattrophic dynamicstropical agriculturetureen


umamiunderweightunsaturated faturban agricultureUSDA National Nutrient Database


veganismvegetarianismvertical farmingvitaminvitamin c megadosageviticulture


waterwedding cakeweight cuttingweight losswhole grain stampwildlifewineworld food dayworld food prizeworld food programme


xanthan gum


yakinikuyakisobayakitoriye weiyum chayo-yo effect


Food History

Ancient Egyptian cuisine

Ancient Greek cuisine

Ancient Roman cuisine

Bulldog gravy

History of alcohol

History of agricultural science

History of coffee

Cuisine of the Thirteen Colonies

Early modern European cuisine

History of Chinese cuisine

History of South Asian cuisine

Medieval cuisine

Ottoman cuisine

History of chocolate

History of beer

History of breastfeeding

History of pizza

History of saffron

History of salt

History of sherry

History of sugar

History of sushi

History of vegetarianism


Wine History

Alban wineAncient Greece and wineAncient Rome and wineAncient Rome and wineCaecuban wineChian wineCoan wineConditum ParadoxumCretan wineFalernian wineGreat French Wine Blight

FumariumHistory of wineHistory of American wineHistory of Bordeaux wineHistory of California wineHistory of French wineHistory of Oregon wine productionHistory of Rioja wine

HypocrasLesbian wineMarriage at CanaPassumPersian winePolice des VinsRetsinaShedehShirazi wineVino Greco

Food-Related Lists

List of basic cooking topicsList of food companies

Additive/Preservative Lists

Foods containing tyramineList of food additivesList of food additives, Codex AlimentariusList of unrefined sweeteners

my friend loves denver

Cultivar Lists


Edible Lists


Culinary FruitsVegetablesCulinary Herbs and SpicesGrape Varieties

Culinary NutsEdible SeedsEdible FlowersEdible Leaves

List of soupsList of raw fish dishesList of sushi and sashimi ingredients


Main list
American cheeseBritish cheeseDutch cheeseFrench cheeseItalian cheeseIrish cheeseCheeses of Switzerland
Greek PDO cheesesItalian PDO cheese


Glossary of wine termsList of alcoholic beveragesList of liqueursList of non-alcoholic cocktailsList of soft drinks by country

List of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée liqueurs and spiritsList of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée wines

List of Italian DOC winesList of Italian DOCG winesList of Italian IGT wines

List of beer stylesList of commercial brands of beer

Miscellaneous Lists

List of co-operative federationsList of cuisinesList of dietsList of famines

List of food preparation utensilsList of Japanese cooking utensils

List of geographical designations for spirit drinks in the European Union

See also

Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

CanadaUnited States


FishingMeat ProductionPesticides


Cooking weights and measuresGastronorm sizesZadoks scale


Alcohol laws of the United States by state

Fisheries glossary

"The Big Eight" food Allergies

Glossary of terms associated with diabetes

List of countries by alcohol consumption

Population dynamics of fisheries

Taboo food and drink

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Professional associations

American Association of Cereal Chemists

American Dietetic Association

America's Second Harvest

Food and Agriculture Organization - (United Nations)

International Food Policy Research Institute

International Fund for Agricultural Development

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