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The Indiana Code in book form

The Indiana Code is the code of laws for the U.S. state of Indiana. The contents are the codification of all the laws currently in effect within Indiana. First codified in 1824, it has been updated almost every year since then and is maintained and updated by the Office of Code Revision.


The laws of Indiana were first codified in 1823 by Governor William Hendricks, who owned a printing press, and at the request of the Indiana General Assembly used it to print all of the state′s laws, which he codified before printing. His codification and the printing was officially adopted in 1824.[1] The code had its first major reorganization in 1841 by Governor Samuel Bigger, a prominent lawyer in the state, who, at the request of the General Assembly, reorganized the code and rewrote many sections for better legal application.[2]

The code has been revised almost every year since then, with the General Assembly specifying which clauses are to be altered in the bills they pass. The code is currently (as of 2013) made up of thirty-six titles, three of which have been repealed, with each title being subdivided into articles, chapters, sections, and clauses. The code is maintained by the Office of Code Revision, that is part of the Indiana Legislative Services Agency. In total there are over thirteen-thousand clauses in the code that govern everything by state law from the design of the flag of Indiana, the method of holding elections, to the exact border with Kentucky.


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