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The Indiana Gazette is a public newspaper printed for the Indiana County and surrounding areas. It has approximately 50,000 subscribers, as well as many newsstand editions. It is delivered daily except for holidays and special occasions. It is located on Water Street, Indiana, Pennsylvania.


The Indiana Gazette was established by the Ray family 1890, and is printed by Indiana Printing and Publishing. The Indiana Printing and Publishing Company came to the Donnelly family when Joe Donnelly, father of current president Michael J Donnelly, married into the Ray family. Joseph Donnelly wed Lucille Ray, daughter of the generation of Ray's that founded the then-titled, Evening Gazette. Joseph and Lucy had three children, Roberta, Stacie, and Michael. Currently, those three children run the paper together.

Inside news

The daily newspaper carries local news, police reports, obituaries, national, international and sports news, comics, and a full, heavy newspaper on Sundays. The Gazette's mascot, named "Iggy" is commonly shown on the front page of the newspaper and is represented in local parades.


The newspaper also offers an online paper at its website. There are two versions of the online edition. A standard web page of news is free, but to access a full .pdf version of the paper, a subscription is required.

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