Indrapura (play)

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Written by Marlon Miguel and John Borgy Danao
Characters Lilasari
Date premiered 2006
Place premiered Philippines Justo Albert Auditorium, PLM Main Campus
Original language Filipino
Genre Epic
Setting Sultanate of Indrapura

Indrapura is the second-installment of an epic trilogy and the tenth major production of Magwayen, the premiere theater group of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila in the Philippines. It debuted on stage on December 9, 2006 at the Justo Albert Auditorium at the PLM Main Campus.[1]


Indrapura chronicles the tragic love affair of Lilagretha and Elindro. In the story, Sulayman decided to adopt his late brother's daughter Lilasari, concealing the fact that she was the rightful heir to the throne of the Sultanate of Indrapura. Lilagretha, the biological daughter of Sulayman discovered this secret on her 20th birthday and she began feeling threatened about her place as Sultana of Indrapura. Her jealousy sparked when Elindro, her love interest, became attracted to Lilasari. From then on, the two sisters became sworn rivals. With the help of the evil sorceress, Tarsila, Lilagretha attempted to kill Lilasari but she failed and her plot was later revealed. Lilagretha was sentenced to death, however, Lilasari forgave her and secured her freedom.[1]

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  • Paula Tomas as Lilagretha
  • Teresa Tan as Lilasari
  • Paula Montano as Tarsila
  • Michael Cayetano as Elindro
  • Byron Barinuevo as Sulayman
  • Jeselle Diaz as Soraya
  • Ampol Velasco as Andravari
  • Marvin Avila as Rajavari
  • Marvin Hilario as Punong Kawal


The play was written by Marlon Miguel and directed by John Borgy Danao, the same people behind the full-length musical play, Bidasari. It also brought together the endearing music of Carlo Yanesa, the colorful costumes made by Mary Lyn Buguina and Ronald Decena, the state of the art Production Design by Jay Parilla, the outstanding Artist Coaching of Michael Flororita, and the Marketing Genius of Real Florido.[2]


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