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Corelords, also known as pro admins, are corporate professionals who have purchased the ability to oversee the editing of pages related to their industry at Infogalactic. They have been provided with special powers and technical tools, including the ability to edit protected pages, protect and unprotect pages from editing, to place and remove advertisements, and to delete and undelete pages. They are also able to hand out stars and other rewards to Galaxians for their contributions to Infogalactic.

Corelords are professional Starlords who have purchased their status and own the right to one pro admin seat. Corelords are expected to abide by the same impartial standards of conduct as regular Starlords, but their activities are focused on their areas of corporate interest.

Infogalactic presently has 1 Corelord.

Corelords' abilities

Corelords have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

  • Apply page protection to restrict the editing of a particular page
  • Delete pages
  • Rename a page
  • Edit fully protected pages
  • View and restore deleted pages
  • Hide and delete page revisions
  • Place and remove ads
  • Distribute stars to user accounts

To ensure Corelords abide by the Seven Canons, certain Starlords will be assigned responsibility for overseeing their conduct. Corelords who do not abide by the canons or are found repeatedly inserting false information on Infogalactic Fact-level pages will lose their administrative status. For information on how to acquire a pro admin seat, contact information is available on the Advertising page.