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This Fundamental terminology article attempts to create clearly understood definitions, aiming for as many perspectives as possible to agree on these basic meanings, in order to establish a common language to clearly communicate with. In addition to terminology for words, definitions on logic, reason, and rationality may also be necessary to constructively criticize and learn how one's approach may not be as pure as what they think, consciously or subconsciously, perhaps due to ignorance, emotional clouding, or intellect.

Much of the world is at war, if not with weapons, then certainly with ideas and information. A global war for our minds. Perhaps this may help. Whether this page becomes a ghost town, a battlefield, an intellectual wrestling ring, or civil discourse is up to you.

If this works out, these definitions, labels, and terms may be referenced across Infogalactic.

This open straw poll of sorts is by no stretch the final definitive word on every term listed. Research and link other sources as you see fit.

Please share related and/or interesting content or similar external projects in the #Interesting content near the bottom of this page.

Guidelines and options

These guidelines may eventually become self evident the more examples are presented below.

Endorsements and voting

Everyone is free to edit this article (including the intro, guideline, examples, etc), except definitions authored or endorsed by anyone else are off limits.

Everyone may have different definitions for various words. In order to avoid an edit war, all participants should endorse, vote, and sign those definitions they agree with. If you like another definition, add your name to it. If a definition with additional names changes, the old definition with endorsing names must remain as is, and the "revised"-labelled definition may follow it, so individuals may migrate their own names to revised definitions as they see fit, naturally the last one would remove the definition without a name. Perhaps older definitions trail after.

Discussions and cleanup

Don't be afraid to use the discussion page to hammer out and debate ideas. If many non-definition notes are left on this page, eventually someone may wish to remove and clean them up. To would-be editor-custodians, please move those notes and conversations to the discussion page rather than delete them into oblivion, in order for future eyes to understand the process.

Primary topics: free speech and projects

If Wikipedia were a better free place there'd be no need for InfoGalactic. Non-controversial definitions on cats, ceramics, or cinema won't need to be debated here. Some freedoms lost and taboos silenced on Wikipedia may be hammered out here. Intentionally or otherwise the ideas omitted from corporate media (propaganda), thus Wikipedia, include: alternative political ideas and solutions, political and institutional corruption, "fringe" non-corporate media citations, dogmatic dissections, conspiracies, "fancruft", and other non-encyclopedia wiki-projects.

InfoGalactic claims to welcome all political biases (labelled), and by default seems to be largely alt-right (see definitions below), who's authentic voices have been suppressed or censored by the corporatocracy media, including Wikipedia.

So too, other political alternative views and perspectives have been suppressed and censored, including revisionists, truthers, progressives (see definitions below), anarchists, Marxists, socialists, (and maybe communists? (I don't know any or of any, other than historical tyrants)), and those who don't buy the political theater of identity politics, etc.

Because everyone is supposed to fall into the Left-Right spectrum, and "everyone" is a complex lot, many of whom are extreme on all sides, it seems necessary to try to clearly define common perceptions to be able to communicate. So we'll start with that.

Don't be afraid to define pejorative terms towards common understanding. Assume those terms are not clear, as they may be unfamiliar to many outside your identity politics "tribe". This is not an invitation to be pejorative. Be nice. This article does not intend to play rules lawyer (Canon Six) nor use "weasel" words, but to clarify some fundamental concepts in order to secure confidence and potentially attract more wiki contributors and users.

Tables may be a useful device to illustrate distinctions. For now this is all just text lists.


Sub-glossary sections without any definitions are an open invitation for contributions. The more you can try to define your self and ideas, and others the more we can meet in the middle on a common definition.

While some of these terms may be politically loaded, they deserve legitimate clear addressing.

Left and right paradigm


  • Alt-left =


  • Alt-right =


  • Communist-left =


  • Corporate-left =


  • Democrat-left =


  • Far-left =


  • Far-right =


  • Hard-left =


  • Left =


  • Legacy-left =


  • Liberal =


  • Libertarian =


  • Marxist-left =


  • NeoLiberal =


  • NeoConservative =


  • New-left =


  • Old-left =


  • Progressive-left =


  • Right =


  • SJW-left =


  • Socialist-left =

War hawk

  • War hawk =

Political ideologies


  • Anarchism =


  • Capitalism =


  • Corporatocracy = corporate (banks, media, technology, military, etc) controlled government rule ~ User:JasonCarswell


  • Fascism =


  • Libertarianism =


  • Marxism =


  • Socialism =


  • Totalitarianism =

Other terms

Free markets

  • Free markets =

Police state

  • Police state =


  • SJW =

Surveillance state

  • Surveillance state =

Though police

  • Though police =


Circular logic

  • Circular logic =

= Fallacy

  • Fallacy =

Straw man

  • Straw man =

Interesting content

  • Tim Kelly (radio host) and Jay Dyer on Post Modernism, Liberalism and Culture Creation
    In Tim Kelly's 2h12m29s audio-only show on YouTube, "Jay Dyer on Post Modernism, Liberalism and Culture Creation" discuss Christianity, morality, cultural engineering, orthodoxy, indoctrination, SJWs, the establishment ideology as cult (@ 00:10:10), rejecting normalization of the abnormal (@ 00:14:30), Jordan Peterson (@ 00:06:45, 00:12:00, 00:32:40), distinctions in Marxism (@ 01:09:15), as well as the necessity to define fundamental terminology and rationality to better communicate (@ 00:17:30), that inspired this article.[1] To be clear, they express many ideas that I both agree with and disagree with, regarding the issues above, and others. For example, as an atheist I find their discussions about Christianity interesting but moot, while they only briefly touch on the fact that atheists have to come to terms with nihilism and determine their own meanings and morality, which I agree with, but they failed to discuss further. ~ JasonCarswell (talk)

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