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Infogalactic is currently in Phase One

Infogalactic is an Internet-based, free-content encyclopedia project that is a dynamic fork of Wikipedia and improves upon that online encyclopedia's model of openly editable content. Infogalactic's pages are interlinked in order to connect the user to related pages with additional information, and are categorized in a variety of ways, including Relativity, Notability, and Reliability to allow the user to prioritize his personalized perspective.

Infogalactic is written collaboratively by volunteers who contribute and edit without compensation. Anyone with Internet access can create and make changes to Infogalactic articles, except in limited cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism. Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or with their real identity.

The foundational principles by which Infogalactic operates are very different from the Five Pillars of Wikipedia. These principles are known as the Seven Canons of Infogalactic.

Infogalactic does not share the highly centralized structure of Wikipedia or the ideological dogma of the Wikimedia Foundation. The primary requirements are for the information contributed to be true, relevant, and verifiable, rather than cited from a so-called “published reliable source”, since experience has proven how reliance upon the latter can be easily gamed by editors and administrators alike. There is no culture of notability, ideology, or deletionism at Infogalactic. The addition of perspective filters and two levels of Context and Opinion to every page means that the average editor's contribution is much less likely to be deleted for political reasons or fall victim to edit wars over controversial pages.

Infogalactic is designed around the idea that the user should be permitted to decide what information is relevant to him, not 500 ideologically-driven thought police.

Infogalactic is genuinely committed to becoming the Planetary Knowledge Core. In practical terms, that means corporate and autobiographical information is welcomed, so long as the information contributed abides by the principles laid out in the Seven Canons. Advertising, marketing, and sales-related materials are not allowed, but employees are encouraged to provide factual information such as locations, open hours, and contact details on the relevant page about their company.

About Infogalactic

Press Releases

Future Roadmap

This is Phase One Infogalactic, which is little more than a functioning fork of Wikipedia that serves as a proof-of-concept. Infogalactic will gradually evolve from a centralized online encyclopedia to a comprehensive and decentralized global knowledge core according to the five-phase roadmap laid out by the Infogalactic Council.

How to Support

Infogalactic is a private corporation supported by donations and advertising revenue. For information on how to support Infogalactic, please see the relevant page. Please note that Infogalactic is neither a charity nor a foundation, and donations are not tax-deductible.

How to contact Infogalactic

Send email to:

Editing Infogalactic

Please see the Editor's guidelines section on editing and creating articles. Also, please read the entire Editor's guidelines.

Bug List for Galaxians

An open bug list is maintained for Galaxians to report any editing bugs they encounter as well as for tracking bugs that have been fixed.