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Relativity is the term for the rating of an Infogalactic page's place on the ideological spectrum. It is also used to rate Galaxians. The Relativity rating, in combination with the Notability and Reliability ratings, permits Infogalactic users to customize the perspective from which they access the information provided by the planetary knowledge core.

The Relativity scale ranges from one to nine, with one being associated with perspectives that can be characterized as of the extreme political Left. Nine is associated with perspectives that can be characterized of the extreme political Right. A five rating indicates perceived political and ideological neutrality.

The purpose of the Relativity rating is to avoid structural bias imposed by the administrators of Infogalactic or by the most active contributing editors, and to render edit wars unnecessary. Since there is no single definitive page for any subject or individual, and since all pages will have their perspective rated by a wide spectrum of Galaxians, there is little reason for Galaxians with different perspectives to enter into conflict over what information belongs on any given page.

Relativity examples

  • 1 Karl Marx, Mao Tse-tung
  • 2 Fidel Castro, Bernie Sanders,
  • 3 Gloria Steinem, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • 4 Barack Obama, Camille Paglia
  • 5 Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy
  • 6 Mitt Romney, William F. Buckley
  • 7 Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan
  • 8 Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan
  • 9 Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan