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The fundamental principles of Infogalactic are summarized in the Seven Canons. For details on how they will be implemented in the Planetary Knowledge Core, please see the Roadmap


Infogalactic does not define reality.

Infogalactic's Starlords are not the reality police. Infogalactic is not Wikipedia, it is a dynamic knowledge core designed to be a useful, up-to-date reference for the user consulting it. Only the user can define his perspective; no one else can define what is true for him or force him to accept their subjective interpretation of reality, no matter how reliable their sources might be.


Infogalactic is non-ideological and seeks to present objective points of view.

Since no human being on the planet is neutral, objectivity is the most for which we can reasonably strive. Infogalactic is non-ideological and the Starlords will ruthlessly eliminate all ideological spin, framing, narrative, and context from the Fact-level pages regardless of whether they agree with it or not.


Infogalactic is free content.

Anyone can freely use and distribute it. Since all editors freely license their work to the public, no editor or administrator owns a page and all contributions can be edited and redistributed at will. The exception is the advertising content, which is the sole property of the advertiser.


No griefing.

All griefers, which is to say trolls, vandals, rules lawyers, and ideological crusaders of every kind, will be aggressively anticipated, trapped, and removed. Don't bother playing word games or trying to hide behind pedantic interpretations of the rules. Infogalactic's Starlords are under direct orders to freeze any account that appears to belong to a griefer and to permanently ban those confirmed as such. Don't try to be sneaky. You're not going to fool anyone.


Play nice and play fair.

Be decent to your fellow Galaxians. There is no One True Page on Infogalactic and there is no need to engage in edit wars.


Rules are guidelines for users, not chew toys for lawyers.

When in doubt about how to apply the rules or interpret the philosophy, ask your fellow Galaxians. If they don't know the answer, ask a Starlord. Don't play rules lawyer, or assume that because things were done in a certain way somewhere else, that is how they are done here.


Facts are facts.

Facts are not context, they are not logical conclusions, and they are not justifiable opinions. Only externally verifiable facts belong on the Factual level of a page; if it is necessary for a Galaxian to explain, rationalize, or justify the presence of a purported fact on a page, then it belongs on either the Context or the Opinion levels. Galaxian's personal experiences, interpretations, or subjective opinions are welcome, but only on the appropriate level. That is not the Fact level. If there is any doubt, put it in Context.