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Introductory info moved here off top of earlier drafts

!!! Rebuilt Article !!!

slightly improved, not to be confused with the lost article due to a article-moving-bug


Please feel free to contribute and improve this copyrights outline article. I didn't know how to best present it so I just drafted this first pass to at least try to get some ideas accross.

If this material and these ideas are already present on InfoGalactic 1) they really need to be made more prominent, and 2) if any of this material needs to be copied or relocated elsewhere and/or this article needs deleting, I'm fine with that (but please let me know too). I expect this "Work-In-Progress" section to be removed.

Personally, I have no intentions of starting any more wiki projects. I have more than enough with these alone. As anything comes up I'll mention it in the Galactic Boardroom, as I always have, except one new thing - my User:JasonCarswell/Truther Top 20s project. I'd been thinking about it for some time, a simple way to sketch out the basics on complex concepts, 10 is too few and more than 20 is overload, when providing "concepts for dummies", but with a non-pejorative meme-friendly catchy title. I'm hoping this sub-topical dissection project will aid my eventual cleanup of the messy unfinished truther article dumping ground I'd worked on from a dozen directions.

Several of these projects remain under User:JasonCarswell until they are mostly ready to move to be more "public", not that I'm even anticipating any traffic. Unless I'm told to keep them under my user folder I'll move them when ready.

Most of the content after #Creative Commons is cut and paste reference.

The "See also:" section below is a vast hastily compiled list of quick reference links. Feel free to selectively remove and/or reorganize them before I do. I forgot to grab/add the categories from related articles too.