Ingerid of Denmark

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Ingerid of Denmark
Queen consort of Norway
Reign 1067–1093
Died After 1093
Spouse Olaf III of Norway
Svein Brynjulfsson
Issue Hallkatla Sveinsdotter
House Estridsen
Father Sweyn II of Denmark

Ingerid Swendsdatter of Denmark also called Ingrid, (11th century – d. after 1093) was a Danish princess and a Norwegian Queen consort, spouse of King Olaf III of Norway. [1]

Ingerid Swensdatter was the daughter of King Sweyn II of Denmark. It is not known which one of her father's wives and concubines who was the mother of Ingerid.[2]

She was married to Olav Kyrre in 1067 in a marriage arranged as a part of the peace treaty between Denmark and Norway, and became Queen of Norway upon marriage the same year. To further strengthen the alliance Olav Kyrre's half-sister, Ingegerd Haraldsdatter, married King Olaf I of Denmark, who was the brother of Queen Ingerid.[3]

Ingerid Svendsdatter was Olaf Kyrre's official consort and queen. There are not much information about her personality or her acts as queen. Queen Ingerid had no children by King Olaf. After the death of King Olav in 1093, queen dowager Ingerid, according to unconfirmed tradition, moved to Sogn and married Svein Brynjulfsson of Aurland, with whom she reportedly had a daughter, Hallkattla [4] She seem to have retired to private life as a widow and there is nothing to indicate that she played any political part after the death of her spouse.




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Preceded by
Elisiv of Kiev
Queen Consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Margaret Fredkulla