Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie

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Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie
File:Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie.jpg
The Criterion Collection's DVD cover for the documentary.
Directed by Vilgot Sjöman
Release dates
Running time
146 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie (Swedish: Ingmar Bergman gör en film) is a 1963 Swedish documentary film directed by Vilgot Sjöman which depicts the making of Ingmar Bergman's film Winter Light from screenwriting to the film's premiere and critical reaction.

The film originally aired in five half-hour episodes on Swedish television. It has subsequently been included in a bonus disc of The Criterion Collection's box set of Bergman's "trilogy," Through a Glass Darkly (1961), Winter Light, and The Silence (1963).


Sjöman was beginning to write screenplays, and wishing to learn about directing, asked Bergman if he could observe him making a film. Sjöman then approached Swedish Television who were interested in airing a documentary about the process. Bergman allowed for Sjöman's crew to film rehearsals, but not the actual shooting. Bergman was also interviewed for the project.[1] Sjöman himself would go on to direct films such as I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967).


Writing for Epinions in 2007, Stephen O. Murray called the film "A valuable document of a master craftsman working in top form." He also stated that "Sjöman comes across as very earnest and relatively probing."[2] Brian Burke of DVD Verdict called it the "best documentary I've ever seen on the filmmaking process," adding Bergman appears "candid, relaxed, and animated."[3]


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