International Padel Federation

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International Padel Federation
Federación Internacional de Padel
Abbreviation IPL
Formation 12th July 1991
Founder Argentine Padel Association, Spanish Padel Association, Uruguayan Padel Association
Founded at Madrid
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Official language
Spanish, English

The Federación Internacional de Pádel (English: International Padel Federation) is the world governing body for the sport padel, founded in 1991. It is a non-profit making organisation whose goal is to promote all forms of padel around the world.


Deutscher Padel Verband e.V.

Asociación Pádel Argentino

Australian Padel Federation

Österreichischer Padel Verband

Fédération Belge de Padel

Confederaçao Brasileira de Pádel

Padel Association of Canada

Federación de Pádel de Chile

Federación Española de Pádel

Federation Francaise de Tennis

Asociación Deportiva Nacional de Padel de Guatemala

Nederlandse Padelbond

Padel Federation of India

Federazione Italiana Tennis

Lithuanian Padel Federation

Federación Mexicana de Pádel

Federation de Padel de Monaco

Federación Paraguaya de Pádel

Federaçao Portuguesa de Padel

Federación Dominicana de Padel

Svenska Padelförbundet

Schweizer Padel Verband

United Kingdom Padel Federation

United States Padel Association

United Arab Emirates Padel Association

Asociación Amigos Pádel Uruguay: Federación