Ireland national netball team

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Ireland national netball team
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Region Europe
Head coach Joan Young
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The Ireland national netball team is the national netball team of Ireland. Ireland's highest ranking at international competition was in 1991 where they finished 10th at the IFNA World Netball Championships.[1] Based on matches up to 1 July 2015, Ireland are 26th in the INF World Rankings.[2] The current team members are below.

Ireland national netball team
Players Coaching staff
  • Níamh Murphy (c)
  • Louise O'Hara
  • Sarah Joyce
  • Jan Hynes
  • Chris Tuataga
  • Tania Rosser
  • Trish Fanning
  • Sacha Shipway
  • Ali Higginbotham
  • Kirsty Owens
  • Jane Jeffreys
  • Genevieve Slater
  • Kate Birmingham
  • Head coach: Joan Young
  • Manager: Morfydd Crilly

The Irish team claimed their first Netball Europe Festival win in Gilbraltar in June. Ireland took on Malta, Israel, Switzerland and hosts Gibraltar on their way to the crown in what was their first time playing world ranking games. Losing only once in the opening round, they dominated the competition and finished with an emphatic 53–17 win over Gibraltar.


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