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Flag of Jamaica.svg
Total population
(Est. 4,800,000)
Regions with significant populations
 United States 765,043[1]
 Panama 323,436[2]
 United Kingdom 160,776[1]
 Canada 142,933[1]
 Germany 1,671[1]
 Trinidad and Tobago 1,497[1]
 Australia 1,092[1]
 France 953[1]
 Netherlands 891[1]
  Switzerland 790[1]
 Belize 746[1]

Jamaicans are the citizens of Jamaica and their descendants in the Jamaican diaspora. Most Jamaicans are of African descent, with smaller minorities of Europeans, East Indians, Chinese, Mixed-Race, and others.


Many Jamaicans now live overseas and outside Jamaica, while many have migrated to Anglophone countries, including 900,000 Jamaicans in the United Kingdom, around 850,000 in the United States and 256,915 in Canada.

Within the Caribbean, there are an estimated 30,000 Jamaicans living in the Dominican Republic.[3] An equal number reside in other CARICOM members states,[4] including the Bahamas (5,600),[5] Cuba (5,000),[6] Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.[4] As of November 21, 2013, an estimated 16,958 Jamaicans could be residing illegally in Trinidad & Tobago, as according to the records of the Office of the Chief Immigration Officer, their entry certificates would have since expired.[7]

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