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Janet Celesta Lowe is an American author, university lecturer and business writer.


Lowe is originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She worked as production assistant or producer for several[1] television stations, usually in their news departments. She then positioned herself as a marketing resource for television stations, preparing regular newsletters, providing web pages and web content, and holding workshops for station workers.[2]

University experience

Lowe has taught in the University of North Texas (Abilene) as an Assistant and as Journalism Adjunct Professor. Since 2006 she has served as Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Published works

Lowe formerly was business editor of the San Diego Tribune and editor of the San Diego Daily Transcript. She has been published in Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, San Jose Mercury News, Modern Maturity and other national magazines. She specializes in writing books about business leaders.[3]

Speaks books

Other books


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