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Jay Karl Stevens is a poet, historian, and journalist with a special interest in states of consciousness. He is the author of Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream,[1] and co-author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic with Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart and ethnomusicologist Fredric Lieberman.[2] He is the founder of Applied Orphics, a revolutionary DIY for the marketing and distribution of digital media, and of Rap Lab, a program bringing at-risk teenagers and professional musicians and poets together.[3][4]


  • Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream (Grove Press 1998) ISBN 0-8021-3587-0
  • Drumming at the Edge of Magic (with Mickey Hart & Fredric Lieberman) (1990 Harper San Francisco) ISBN 1-888358-18-1
  • Planet Drum: A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm (with Mickey Hart & Fredric Lieberman) (1998 Harper San Francisco) ISBN 1-888358-20-3


  • Dance House by Jay Stevens and Derek Young (2012) [1]
  • Orphic Revival by Jay Karl Stevens and The Raven (2013) [2]


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