Jaysh al-Nasr

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Jaysh al-Nasr
جيش النصر
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Official logo of Jaysh al-Nasr
Flag of the Jaysh al-Nasr.svg
Jaysh al-Nasr flag
Active August 2015[1] – present
Leaders Mohamed Mansour[2]
Area of operations Hama Governorate, Syria
Part of Free Syrian Army
Rad al-Mazalem[3][4][5][6]
Fatah Halab[7]
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
Battles and wars Syrian Civil War

Jaysh al-Nasr (Arabic: جيش النصر‎‎) or the Army of Victory is a Free Syrian Army-allied, armed rebel faction participating in the Syrian Civil War. Founded in August 2015 as a joint operations room of 16 member groups,[1] three of the groups later fully merged into Jaysh al-Nasr.


Formation as a joint operations room

Jaysh al-Nasr was formed in early August 2015 as a joint operations room with the stated objective being the "liberation of the northern countryside of Hama, breaking the regime's first defense line toward Hama the city." It was announced as a first step towards unifying the Free Syrian Army in Idlib and Hama provinces into a single operations room. The alliance initially comprised the following 16 groups:[1][8]

Reformation as a unified group

In late October 2015, it was announced that three of its component groups, the Regiment 111, the Falcons of al-Ghab and the al-Inqaz Front (Jabhat al-Inqadh al-Muqatila) completely merged into Jaysh al-Nasr with Suqour al-Ghab's leader Mohamed Mansour assuming the leadership of the new unified group.[2]

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