Jean Claude Gilles Colson

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Bellecour (January 16, 1725–November 19, 1778) was a French actor, whose real name was Jean Claude Gilles Colson.


Colson was as the son of a portrait-painter. He initially studied fine art, then began acting under the name of Bellecour. After playing in the provinces he was called to the Comédie-Française, but his debut, on the December 21, 1750, as Achilles in Iphigénie was not a great success. He soon turned to comedy roles, and acted primarily in comedies over the next thirty years. He wrote a successful play, Fausses apparences (1761), and was useful to the Comédie-Française in editing and adapting the plays of others.[1]

His wife, Rose Perrine le Roy de la Corbinaye, was a famous actress.[1]

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