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Jean Gale (September 13, 1912 – September 26, 1974) was an American vaudeville performer and who worked in films during the 1930s.

Life and career

Born in San Francisco, California as Lenore Gilmartin, she had a twin sister, Joan Gale (née Lorraine Gilmartin; born September 13, 1912 – June 11, 1998), along with another set of twin sisters, Jane Gale (née Helen Gilmartin; born July 6, 1911) and June Gale (née Doris Gilmartin; July 6, 1911 – November 13, 1996), although they were not quadruplets, as has occasionally been misreported. Jean's elder sister June wed Oscar Levant in 1939, to whom she remained married until his death in 1972, and by whom she had three children.

The sisters began performing in "vaudeville" at an early age. This brought Jean to the attention of studios, and led to a small role in the film Bottoms Up (1934), starring Spencer Tracy. That same year she was selected as one of thirteen girls chosen to be "WAMPAS Baby Stars", the last year that "WAMPAS" made such selections. Although it appeared that Jean's acting career would take off, it never did. She only had two other film roles, one in A Star Is Born (1937), and the other, Girl from Avenue A (1940), both of which were uncredited. Then her acting career was over.[citation needed]

Later years and death

She settled in Los Angeles, where she was residing at the time of her death on September 26, 1974.


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