Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz

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Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM)
جيئي سنڌ متحدا محاذ
Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat[1]
Founder Shafi Muhammad Burfat[2]
Slogan Sindhudesh Is Destiny, G.M Syed Is The Guide
Founded 2000, 26 November at Sann
Headquarters Sann, Sindh
Student wing Jeay Sindh Students' Federation(JSMM)[3]
Ideology Sindhi nationalism

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (Sindhi: جيئي سنڌ متحدا محاذ‎; abbreviated to and commonly known as JSMM) is a separatist political party in Sindh, Pakistan that believes in the separation of Sindhudesh from Pakistan. Founded in 2000 by Shafi Muhammad Burfat, Samiullah Kalhoro, Muzafar Bhutto, Shabir Mallah and the other most active political workers of the Sindhudesh movement, Shafi Muhammad Burfat heads the organization. Burfat is a fugitive and has been in hiding for the last 24 years. Media reports suggest that Burfat has fled to Afghanistan, where he has established a control center in Kabul.[1] On 1  April 2013, Pakistan's Home Ministry declared JSMM a terrorist organization and imposed a ban.[4]


Map of Sindh (in Pakistan)

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz was formed in November 26, 2000 at Sann. This was announced in the "Jeay Sindh Workers Conference" convened by the nationalist leaders Shafi Muhammd Burfat, Samiallah Kalhoro, Muzafar Bhutto, Shabir Mallah, Hafeez Sindhi.Speakers in that conference alleged that JSQM was non serious regarding the national independence of Sindhudesh. The conference resolved that late G.M Sayed will be the 'Rahbar' of JSMM, its [[:|flag]], National anthem and slogan will also remain same. The conference constituted a three member committee, to draft the party constitution. The workers conference also constituted a seven members central body under the chairmanship of Shafi Muhammad Burfat.[2]

Organizational Details

File:Shafi Burfat.jpg
Shafi Muhammad Burfat, chairman of the JSMM. Burfat is alleged to be based in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ideology and Policies

JSMM regards Sindhi Nationalist, G.M Syed as an intellect and ideologue behind her movement for freedom. Organization totally rejects the parliamentary way of struggle for getting freedom. On the contrary it strongly believes in the armed way of struggle as a final and effective tool in getting freedom. It is also firmly acting on the anti-state political revolutionary tactics. Organization strongly supports all the forms of anti-state movement for the freedom. It strongly favors and considers righteous, the political struggle as well as armed militant activities by Sindhudesh Liberation Army for the freedom.[5]

Organizational structure

The highest authority in the party is the Chairman. Officially, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz constitution provides a four-year term for the Chairman.[6] The Central Organizational Body of JSMM consists of positions of a Senior Vice-Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary General, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Finance Secretary, Information Secretary, Coordination Secretary, Web-page Secretary & Broadcasting and Publication Secretary.[6] Chairman is elected by National Congress (Higher Authority) of organization. Elected Chairman is authorized to elect the Central Organizational Body from the members of Central Committee.[6]

Political Wings

  1. Students Wing: Jeay Sindh Students' Federation(JSMM), abbreviated and commonly known as JSSF (JSMM).[3][7]
  2. Youth Wing: Jeay Sindh Latif Sangat.[7]
  3. Ladies Wing: Jeay Sindh Naari Tahreek.[7]
  4. Labor Wing: Jeay Sindh Porhiyat Mahaz.[7]
  5. Jeay Sindh Inqlabi Mahaz (Jeay Sindh Revolutionary Front).[7]

Origin magazine

  • Party's Official Propaganda Magazine is Khahori (English: Wandering Ascetics.)[8]

Struggle on National and International issues

  • International Issues
  • National Issues
    • Exploitation of resources: In different times JSMM staged Sindh-wide protests & condemned the exploitation of natural and mineral resources of Sindh.[14] JSMM urged that We have determined to burry all the nefarious designs of enemies of Sindh. Silence of feudal lords owing flexible conscience Punjab is exploiting and looting our resources. Rivers, Seas, Forests, Oil, Gas, Coal and other mineral and natural resources are deposit of our upcoming generations.[15]
    • Illegal migration of peoples to Sindh: In different times JSMM staged Sindh-wide protests & condemns illegal migration of people to Sindh from other countries and provinces. JSMM urged that outsiders who had come to Sindh after 1954 have a full authority and control over resources of Sindh and were converting the indigenous population into a minority.[16]
    • Kalabagh dam and greater Thal canal: JSMM activists opposed Kalabagh dam and greater Thal canal.[17] every time JSMM holds Punjab responsible for water crisis & rejected the 1991 water accord, and demanded that Sindh be supplied water in accordance with the 1945 accord.[18]

Current Leadership

State allegations and operation

State allegations

File:JSMM Sann China.jpg
Organization opposing chinese mega projects in Sindh.[21]

On 1 April 2013 home ministry of Pakistan declared JSMM as a terrorist organization and imposed ban.[4] Asian Humain Rights commission alleged that, government bans secular and nationalist groups to appease the fundamentalist and Taliban groups. After a 12-year-long mission of state operations against the JSMM state agencies have failed to produce even a single person in the court. Nor have they produced anything even a single piece of paper which can provide any evidence against JSMM activists of being guilty in the eyes of law.[22]

  1. Connection with Sindhudesh Liberation Army:[23] Incidents of blasts attributed to Sindhi nationalism have been reported in the province for the past several years but a recent series of blasts on railway tracks have invited serious concerns. The police blamed Sindhu Desh Liberation Army for these blasts, and linked Shafi Muhammad Burfat with the organization.[24] Gun men shot dead seven passengers on a Swabi-bound bus. Deputy superintendent of police Sardar Khan Chandio said the Sindhu Desh Liberation Army had claimed responsibility for the attack. Pamphlets of the outfit claiming responsibility for the killings in revenge for Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz leader Muzaffar Bhutto’s killing were found at the site of the attack.[25][26] At least 16 bombs targeted railway tracks in various parts of Sindh on February 25, 2011 stopping all train traffic. Political analysts said that Recent bomb attacks on railway tracks across the Sindh province indicate the rise of a separatist movement and the SLA is believed to be an offshoot of the JSMM.[27]
  2. Connection with Indian Research and Analysis Wing: Shafi Burfat has been hiding for many years now and was reported to have met RAW officials in New Delhi back in 2010.[28] In October 2006, The Karachi police declared arrests of five JSMM activists for their alleged links with RAW.[29] After releasing first time detention, Muzafar bhutto alleged that security agencies "asked me to confess that I was wrong and worked for Indian agency RAW".[30]
  3. Terrorism Two suspected people killed on 5 July 2014, were considered by police to be activists of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM). They died when the bomb they were carrying blew after a traffic accident in Karachi.[31] According to police, Abdul Fatah Dahiri and Usman Panhwar were members of JSMM group which has ties with India’s premier intelligence agency. The Indian intelligence agency might have been trying to target Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, who was having a public rally nearby, using its local agents.[32][33]

State Operation

In Sindh province more than 100 nationalists were abducted and disappeared after 9/11, many were extra judicially killed and their tortured and bullet riddled bodies were dumped on the streets. Alone, from JSMM 13 people are still missing. Its former leader, Mr. Muzzafar Bhutto was two times abducted and kept in military torture cells where he succumbed to his injuries during the second time detention.[34] Unidentified armed men shot dead three leaders of organization include senior Vice-Chairman Sirai Qurban Khuhawar, Noor Allah Tunio, Roploo Cholyani and Nadir Bugti at Bakhorri Mori area in district Sanghar on 2011, April 21. Sindhi nationalist leader Hafeez Hakro alleged that the personnel of law enforcement agencies were involved in Bakhorri Mori incident.[35] Human rights commission of Pakistan published a report on Bakhorri Mori incident and alleged that Agencies’ role in JSMM activists’ murder must be probed.[36] Asian Human Rights Commission Also said that University authorities use law enforcement agencies for disappearances of students in Sindh province.[37] In 2010, November 9, security agencies abducted Ali Madad Burfat, who is a relative chairman of the JSMM Shafi Muhammad Burfat, and Kashif Malik are students of Sindh University in the final year of computer science.[38] Babar Sendhilo activist of the group killed in an armed clash.[39] Mumtaz Bhutto another activist of organization and brother of Muzafar Bhutto, killed on July 1, 2009 in a bomb blast at Thermal Power house colony Jamshoro, JSMM alleged that security agencies were involved in bomb blast.[40] Student leader of JSMM Mehran university Asad Abbasi killed in a clash with government supported students organization.[41] JSMM's Central body member Zulfiqar Kolachi also killed in bomb blast at Ibrahim hyderi goth Karachi.[42] The police claimed that the Activists of the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) were running this office or ‘bomb factory’ in a rented house, The explosive material went off when one of the terrorists lit a cigarette.[43] while JSMM alleged that this is only fake propaganda against our political organization.[44] In a press release of Sunday, 6 March 2011 World Sindhi Congress accused Pakistan authorities for killing political leaders of the organization. press release stated that "It should be noted that killing of Mr Zulfiqar Kolachi and arrests of other party activists seems to be part of a sustained campaign to eliminate the leadership of JSMM.[42] JSMM activist Majid Memon was killed in a clash with Punjabis on hoisting Sindhudesh flags on the office building of the LAWA.[45] In March 2005 Vice-chairman of the organization Samiullah Kalhoro was died in a hospital of Karachi. Shafi Burfat alleged in his message that Kalhoro died after his kidney failed as a result of military torture. He said that the JSMM was being punished for pursuing the ideology of G M Sayed.[46] Intellectual of JSMM Ijaz Solangi's deadbody were found in dadu after making press conference against security agencies.[47] Mr Noam Chomsky shown his grave concern on disappearances in Sindh and Balochistan.[48] Congressman Mr Dan Burton and Brad Sherman accused security agencies of Pakistan, in their letters to Pakistan's President Mr Asif Ali Zardari for disappearances of political and human rights activists of Sindh.[49][50] On September 2012, A delegation of UN on inventory and enforced disappearance, visited Sindh and collect information on human rights violation across Sindh.[51][52] On that time Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz Published an advertisement on Sindhi newspapers, and criticized on law enforcement agencies. on published advertise Shafi Muhammad Burfat appeals to UN delegation that "A Fascist oppression is being held by government institutions of this state against political activists of JSMM. In which most of the central committee's members of JSMM have been abducted by government institutions and have been tortured and killed brutally. Those activists of JSMM who being burnt alive in the streets and killed by torture cells are; Muzafar Bhutto, Qurban Khuhawar, Noorullah Tunio, Sami Allah Kalhoro, Rooplo Cholyani, Zulfiqar Kolachi, Bashir Qureshi, Nadir Bugti, Mumtaz Bhutto, Ijaz Solangi, Mushtaque Khaskheli, Majid Memon, Asad Abbasi & Baber Sandelo. We invite UN delegation to investigate these cases of abductions and extra-judicial killings of political activists of JSMM and to take in notice, all the brutalities of State against our Movement."[53]

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