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Jenny Teichman is an Australian/British philosopher, writing mostly on ethics. She was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1930 and has taught mostly at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, formerly known as New Hall, where she is now an Emeritus Fellow.[1] She taught for shorter periods in Australia, Canada and the USA.


  • The Mind & the Soul, RKP 1974
  • Illegitimacy, Blackwell & Cornell UP 1982
  • Pacifism & the Just War, Blackwell 1986[2]
  • Philosophy & the Mind, Blackwell 1988
  • Philosophy: a Beginners Guide (with Katherine Evans) Blackwell 1991, 1995, 1999 (translations in Polish, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese & Georgian)
  • Social Ethics a Students Guide, Blackwell 1996 (translations in Spanish, Indonesian, Korean & Polish)[1]
  • Ethics and Reality Ashgate, 2001
  • Philosophers' Hobbies and other Essays [27 short papers] illustrated by Michael Jorgensen, Blackjack Press 392 Station Street, Carlton, VIC 3054, Australia 2003.
  • The Philosophy of War & Peace, Imprint Academic, 2006

She has edited two anthologies:

  • Intention & Intentionality: Essays in Honour of GEM Anscombe (with Cora Diamond) Harvester Press 1979
  • An Introduction to Modern European Philosophy (with Graham White) Macmillan 1995 and 1998


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