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Jerry Trimble, Jr.
Born Jerry Foster Trimble, Jr.
(1961-05-12) May 12, 1961 (age 57)
Newport, Kentucky
Residence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jerry Foster Trimble, Jr. (born May 12, 1961) is an American actor, stuntman, youth motivational speaker and former world champion. Trimble is perhaps best known for his role as Detective Schwartz in the 1995 film Heat, and Jonny in the 1989 film The Master.

Early life

At the age of 15, Jerry was inspired by the late Bruce Lee and began studying the Korean art of Taekwon-Do. In six months he began teaching it. At 16 he earned the rank of first-degree black belt and became the number one point fighter in the Midwest U.S. At 18, he started kickboxing and won the "Kentucky State Championship" title.


In April 1979 Jerry moved to Atlanta, Georgia in pursuit of the World Championship. Fighting under the name "Golden Boy", he won a string of additional titles that include "Georgia", Southeast, "U.S." titles, and on April 26, 1986 he became the Professional Karate Association and PKC Kickboxing Champion of the World. Trimble was rated by the international kickboxing media as the flashiest fighter and fastest kicker in the sport, (his hook kick was clocked at 118 MPH) Trimble was hired by Inside Karate magazine to write his own column called "Martial Arts a Way of Life". He was recently awarded the rank of 6th degree black belt from Master Dennis Donofiro.

Retired from Kickboxing

In April 1990, Trimble has retired from the ring and moved to Hollywood, California to embark on a career in the entertainment business. Within a few months Jerry signed with a talent manager and his first two auditions resulted in leading roles in the same week.

Movies & TV shows

Trimble played Jonny in the 1989 film The Master alongside Jet Li. Trimble has been in over twenty five feature films and TV shows, in half of which he played lead. The list includes Green Hornet as well as Heat (playing alongside Al Pacino and Robert De Niro) and Charlie's Angels (where he was nominated for the Taurus Award in the category of best fight). He was in Mission Impossible 3 where he had a one on one fight scene with Tom Cruise. Jerry stated that Tom exhibited excellent fighting skills for a non-professional fighter. Some of Jerry's most recent work can be seen in The Butcher with Eric Roberts, TV shows Dark Blue and Eleventh Hour.

In his spare time Jerry works with the L.A.P.D. Jeopardy program for at-risk kids where he incorporates his self-development program, C.H.A.M.P.S. CONFIDENCE * HEALTH * ATTITUDE * MOTIVATION * POTENTIAL * SUCCESS into the Jeopardy curriculum, inspiring the kids to believe in themselves, go after their dreams and stay clear of gangs, thugs and drugs.

Trimble continues to fuel his ambitious drive into many different areas of the film industry that include acting, writing and producing. But his main ambition is to focus on the character actor segment of acting. He enjoys a solid expanse of 'character' parts so he can exhibit his varied acting talent in a wide range of roles.

Personal life

Trimble married to actress Ami Dolenz (the daughter of Micky Dolenz of the 1960s rock group The Monkees). The couple reside in Vancouver. They have no children.



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