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Jim's Blog
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Web address http://blog.jim.com/
Slogan Liberty in an unfree world
Commercial? no
Registration not required
Available in English
Owner Jim
Launched 2008
Current status active

Jim's Blog is an Alt-right and right wing blog discussing contemporary and historical socio-political trends since 2008. Most posts are mini-essays making far-ranging assertions on the nature of human society as expressed politically. The blog is updated several times weekly, and commenting is allowed. Many posts could be considered highly politically incorrect.[1]

Blog themes and claims:

Democratic weakness

A recurring theme has been the decay inherent in democratic societies. The blog author claims present and past societies are threatened by a form of political correctness known as "virtue signaling". This leads to a death spiral known as a "left singularity". [2] Examples include the English Civil war, the Thirty Years War, Zhang Xianzhong's revolt, the French Revolution, Mao's Cultural Revolution, the Khmer Rouge killings, and current Western society as expressed in the concept of "the Cathedral"[3] originally invented by Mencius Moldbug. Stalin's purges of the 1930s actually took place in part to prevent such a singularity.[4]

Partially for these reasons, the blog favors authoritarian forms of government, such as a monarchy ruling a patriarchy.[5] He analyzed Trump's presidency from this viewpoint, and the alleged hidden power struggles associated with the Deep State and its political goals.

Sex differences

The importance of sex differences in human behavior is severely underestimated. Since women are likelier to vote for their perceived genetic interests over those of the larger society, they should not be allowed to vote before menopause.[6]

For evolutionary reasons, women are unable to properly give sexual consent. They may regret having sex later. Women are said to despise "weak" beta males and may even "exploit" them through divorce rape. Therefore their sexuality should be restricted.[7]

Racial differences

Black people may not be able to maintain complex civilizations such as modern nation states by themselves. Without Western aid most African nations would collapse. Blacks should not be allowed to vote in countries with mostly white populations.[8]


Jim's Blog is opposed to non-white immigration into majority-white countries. White people reproduce more effectively in genetically high-trust societies. It is necessary to prevent R-selected peoples from immigrating; otherwise white countries would inevitably be overrun by their more numerous descendants. Then whites would become a minority, with a lower quality of life than they had before.[9]