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Jion (1351–1409) was a famed monk during the Sengoku period (15th century) of Japan. Jion had been the founder of the Nen ryu fighting style, in which it was famed through the simple saying "Strike with the left arm extended". Throughout Jion's life, he had thoroughly trained fourteen disciples; Tsutsumi Hozan had been the 12th, in which he was thoroughly trained with the jitte fighting style. Tsutsumi Hozan once ripped off another disciples' jaw. Jion would see him never again. Jion had been rather strict into who would be transimitted of his teachings. Jion had assigned the system so that only one disciple could attain it within each specific fief. This was to make sure that Jion's influence would greatly spread between regions. Thus, in the end, Jion's fourteen disciples effectively developed and transmitted Jion's art throughout fourteen different regions. Due to this, many famed swordsmen such as Kamiizumi Nobutsuna and Yagyu Muneyoshi would be descended through Jion's teachings. It is known that Miyamoto Musashi himself had also somewhat followed some principles laid down from the monk Jion.


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