Johan Håkansson

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Johan Håkansson
Archbishop of Uppsala
Primate of Sweden
Church Roman Catholic
Archdiocese Uppsala
Appointed 1421
In office 1421-1432
Predecessor Jöns Gerekesson
Successor Olaus Laurentii
Consecration 28 June 1421
Rank Metropolitan Archbishop
Personal details
Born Sweden
Died 9 February 1432
Nationality Swede

Johan Håkansson (Latinized to Johannes Haquini) (died 1432) was Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden, 1421–1432.


His first known occupations were at a school in Söderköping and as a canon in Linköping. In 1411 he enrolled at Vadstena monastery. In 1418 he was sent on an important assignment to Rome, from where he returned in 1420.

In 1421 the previous Archbishop of Uppsala, Jöns Gerekesson resigned. Three new candidates were presented to the Swedish King Eric of Pomerania, of whom he chose Johan Håkansson.

Haquini's history as a monk set the standards for his time as archbishop. He allowed the clerics to be freed from taxes, and he built a permanent house for the archbishop (demolished during Gustav Vasa's liberation war in 1522).

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