Johann Tobias Bürg

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Johann Tobias Bürg.

Johann Tobias Bürg (December 24, 1766 – November 15, 1835),[1] sometimes known as Johannes Burg,[1] was an Austrian astronomer.

Born in Vienna, Bürg worked as a professor and astronomer in Klagenfurt, in Carinthia. He subsequently worked as astronomical assistant at the observatory at Vienna from 1792 and became director in 1817 after the death of Triesnecker.

He published some astronomical tables on the Moon that were praised for their accuracy. For these astronomical tables, Bürg was made a member of the French Academie des Sciences. He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1822.[2] He died at Wiesenau, near Klagenfurt.

The crater Bürg on the Moon is named after him. Johann Heinrich von Mädler honored Bürg with this naming in 1834.


  1. ^ Adolf Drechsler in his Ill. Lexikon der Astronomie (Leipzig, 1881) gives Trier as Bürg's place of birth and 1835 as the year of death. Some sources give November 15 as his date of birth, others November 25. 1834 is sometimes given as his year of death.


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