John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny

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John II of Luxembourg
Jean II de Luxembourg-Ligny.jpg
John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny
Lord of Beauvoir and Richebourg as John II
Reign 1397 - 5 January 1441
Predecessor John I
Successor Louis
Count of Guise as John I
Reign 1425 - 5 January 1441
Predecessor René
Successor Louis I
Count of Ligny as John II
Reign 18 September 1430 - 5 January 1441
Predecessor Joan
Successor Louis
Born 1392
Died 5 January 1441
House House of Luxembourg
House House of Luxembourg
Father John I of Beauvoir
Mother Margaret of Brienne
Coats of Arms of John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny.

John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny (1392–5 January 1441, Guise) was a French nobleman and soldier, a younger son of John of Luxembourg, Lord of Beauvoir and Marguerite of Enghien.

His older brother Peter received his mother's fiefs, including the County of Brienne, while John received Beauvoir. He took the side of the English during the Hundred Years' War, and carried out a number of chevauchées on behalf of the Regent Bedford. In 1425, he seized the seigneurie of Guise, which he had disputed with René of Anjou.

He joined Philip III, Duke of Burgundy in the Siege of Compiègne in 1430. While the siege was ultimately unsuccessful, a soldier in his company (the Bastard of Vendôme) captured Joan of Arc, whom he sent to Beauvoir as a prisoner. Shortly thereafter, his great-aunt Jeanne of Luxembourg, who was then living with him, died and left him the County of Ligny. Under pressure from England and Burgundy, John ultimately sold Joan to the English for 10,000 livres, thus causing her death.

At his death, he left Ligny and Guise to his nephew Louis.


Preceded by
Count of Ligny
1430–5 January 1441
Succeeded by
Louis I