John Jeffreys (1706–1766)

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John Jeffreys (1706 – 30 January 1766) was a Welsh civil servant and politician who was Member of Parliament for Breconshire and Dartmouth.

Little is known about his early life, but he hailed from a wealthy Breconshire family; his father and his uncle, Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys, thrived in the trade of tobacco and had represented the Brecon county and borough respectively.[1][2]

Jeffreys was elected to parliament representing Breconshire in 1734, and was re-elected in 1741. He appears to have impressed his superiors in the early 1740s, which led to him being promoted to Joint Secretary of the Treasury in 1742. He resigned from this position in May 1746. In the 1747 elections he was elected MP of the Borough of Dartmouth. He was appointed Warden of the Mint in 1754.[3]


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