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John Perrotto is a sports journalist who has written for The Beaver County Times, Baseball Prospectus, and Basketball Prospectus. He is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America and thus one of the voters for the Baseball Hall of Fame and other annual Major League Baseball awards.

Perotto is a regular contributor to the “BP Daily” column on ESPN Insider and a writer for the Baseball Prospectus annual book. Perrotto lives in Pittsburgh.


A graduate of Western Beaver High School (1981) and Geneva College (BA, 1985, English/Communications), Perrotto began his career as a sports writer for the Beaver County Times while still in college. His main beat was the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As an established baseball writer for the Beaver County Times since 1982, as well as for Baseball America since 1990, Perrotto joined the Baseball Prospectus (BP) staff in February 2007 as its first beat writer. For BP, he writes two by-lined columns, “On the Beat” and “Every Given Sunday”, covering news and inside dope on organizational activities in all of Major League Baseball.

In November 2007, Perrotto also joined the staff of the online, for whom he wrote regular "Around the Rim" and “On the Beat” columns. Basketball Prospectus is affiliated with Baseball Prospectus, as part of Prospectus Entertainmment Ventures, LLC.

Perotto was hired by the Pittsburgh Pirates majority owner Robert Nutting in January 2008 to write about the Pirates at[1] Perrotto left his position as a reporter for the Beaver County Times in December 2008 after that paper decided to scale back its beat coverage of the Pirates. His position with ended in October 2009.[2]

In January 2010, Perrotto became a full-time employee of Baseball Prospectus as well as Editor-in-Chief of[3] He served in that role for one year.[4] As of late January 2011, Perrotto was again contributing to the Beaver County Times.[5]


Perrotto has two film credits, for appearing as himself on "ESPN Sports Century" (2001) and "ESPN 25: Who’s #1?” (2005).[6]


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