John Seely Brown

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John Seely Brown
John Seely Brown
Born 1940
Utica, New York
Alma mater Brown University and University of Michigan

John Seely Brown (born 1940),[1] also known as "JSB", is a researcher who specializes in organizational studies with a particular bent towards the organizational implications of computer-supported activities.

His research interests include the management of radical innovation, digital culture, ubiquitous computing, autonomous computing and organizational learning. JSB is also the namesake of John Seely Brown Symposium on Technology and Society, held at the University of Michigan School of Information. The first JSB symposium in 2000 featured a lecture by Stanford Professor of Law Lawrence Lessig, titled "Architecting Innovation," and a panel discussion, "The Implications of Open Source Software," featuring Brown, Lessig and the William D. Hamilton Collegiate Professor of Complex Systems at SI, Michael D. Cohen. Subsequent events were held in 2002, 2006 and 2008.

Brown graduated from Brown University in 1962 with degrees in physics and mathematics. In 1972 he received a PhD from the University of Michigan in computer and communication sciences.[2]

Major positions and roles

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  • More than 100 papers in academic journals


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