John Sheppey

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John Sheppey
Bishop of Rochester
File:Rochester cathedral 010.JPG
Rochester Cathedral - Tomb of John de Sheppey
Church Catholic
Appointed 22 October 1352
Term ended 19 October 1360
Predecessor Hamo Hethe
Successor William Whittlesey
Consecration 10 March 1353
Personal details
Born c. 1300
Died 19 October 1360

John Sheppey (c. 1300 – 19 October 1360) was an English administrator and bishop. He served as treasurer from 1356 to 1360.[1] Little is known of his family and background. A Benedictine, he was ordained deacon in 1318, and later studied at Oxford. Later he became involved in royal government,[citation needed] and was made bishop of Rochester on 22 October 1352. He was consecrated on 10 March 1353. He died on 19 October 1360,[2] and was buried in Rochester Cathedral at the altar of St John the Baptist. As his will shows, he was a friend of his predecessor in the treasury, William Edington.

Sheppey is today remembered mostly for his sermons, many of which still survive.


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Political offices
Preceded by
William Edington
Lord High Treasurer
Succeeded by
Simon Langham
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Hamo Hethe
Bishop of Rochester
Succeeded by
William Whittlesey