Jon Tickle

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Jon Tickle
File:Jon Tickle 2007.jpg
Born Jonathan Tickle
(1974-05-08) 8 May 1974 (age 44)
Norwich, Norfolk, England
Residence London, England
Alma mater University of Leicester
Years active 1991, 2003-08
Television Big Brother
Brainiac Science Abuse
Brainiac's Test Tube Baby

Jonathan "Jon" Tickle (born 8 May 1974 in Norwich, Norfolk) is a television presenter in the UK, who initially rose to fame as a contestant on the fourth series of the British Big Brother.[1] He appeared before this, however, as a contestant on the gameshow Blockbusters in 1991.[2] He was also a co-presenter on the Sky Digital television series Brainiac.[3] He has an identical twin brother, Phillip.[4]

Big Brother

Tickle was allowed to return to the Big Brother house after having been evicted into the outside world (although during his second time in the house he was not eligible to win).[5] He returned after the public voted on which evicted housemate should be put back into the house.[5]

Tickle has fan websites, most notably "Jon Tickle - The Legend".[1] He was also the object of devotion of the Brethren of the Church of Jon,[6] an organisation set up in his honour on the Channel 4 Big Brother forums during Big Brother 4. He was also a contestant on a celebrity edition of Distraction winning roughly £6,000 for Cancer Research UK.[7]


Tickle, a physics graduate of the University of Leicester, has gone on to co-present Brainiac: Science Abuse, a series of science-based shows on the UK television station Sky One.[3] His best-known stunt, shown on other shows such as QI and Mythbusters was of Tickle walking on a pool full of custard powder and water.[8] He was the only presenter to appear in all six seasons of the show.

Tickle has had many ideas and one of his most famous is the "time-delay toaster."[3] "What's the problem with toast? Two slices pop up, you whip one out, and spread some margarine on it. But by the time you get the second, the consistency has changed. Why not have a time delay?" He is also known for the segment 'Tickle's Teaser', where he asks the viewer a tough scientific question.


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