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For the New York politician, see Joseph Steinberg (politician).
Joseph Steinberg
Residence Flag of New Jersey.svg Teaneck, New Jersey
Nationality Flag of the United States.svg American
Alma mater New York University
Known for Computer Security and Information Security

Joseph Steinberg is an American entrepreneur and author in the field of information security. He writes a column on the subject for Inc., and previously did so for Forbes. Steinberg holds patents in the areas of authentication, anti-phishing, and social media security technologies. Additionally, he is an author of information-security-related books.

Information security

Steinberg has worked both in information security and as a published commentator of information security. Since September 2012, he has authored a column entitled Business, Cybersecurity, and Life,[1][2] and has appeared as a television commentator on cybersecurity related topics.[3] Steinberg’s column was carried by Forbes from its inception until July 2015, since which it has been published by Inc.[4]

Steinberg founded the cybersecurity firm, SecureMySocial,[5] and previously co-founded the cybersecurity firm, Green Armor Solutions.[6] He was previously Director of Technology at Whale Communications,[7] which was acquired by Microsoft.

He has patented several innovations in the areas of authentication, anti-phishing, and social media security technologies.[8]

Steinberg has presented his work at conferences including the New York Information Systems Security Association conferences in 2001[9] and 2002,[10] the Wall Street Technology Association Conference on Security, Business Continuity Planning & Technology Risk Management in 2004,[11] the e-Financial World Expo in 2004,[12] the BAI Multi-Factor Authentication Forum in 2006,[13] the Massachusetts Network Communications Council Conference in 2007,[14] and the Next-Generation Threat Protection Summit in 2012.[15]

Steinberg has been an outspoken critic of the sexism that is often prevalent in technology companies, particularly among startups.[16]

Personal life

Steinberg is an alumnus of NYU, and holds a CISSP information security designation. He lives in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he previously served as Chairman of its Financial Advisory Board.[1][17]



Since September 2012, Steinberg has authored a column entitled Business, Cybersecurity, and Life, which was published by Forbes until July 2015,[1] and since then by Inc.[4] He has also published security-related articles in publications and journals including the PricewaterhouseCoopers Cryptographic Centre of Excellence Journal,[18] The SANS Institute Reading Room,[19] The View: The Technical Journal for Lotus Notes and Domino,[20] Secure Computing Magazine,[21] The Tech Herald,[22] Business Insider,[23] Fortune (magazine),[24] and VentureBeat.[25]


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