Judeo-Tunisian Arabic

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Judeo-Tunisian Arabic
Native to Israel, Tunisia
Native speakers
46,000 (1995)[1]
Hebrew alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ajt
Glottolog jude1263[2]

Judeo-Tunisian Arabic is a variety of Tunisian Arabic spoken by Jews living or formerly living in Tunisia. Speakers are older adults and the younger generation has only a passive knowledge of the language.[3]

The vast majority of Tunisian Jews have relocated to Israel and have switched to using Hebrew in as their home language. Those in France typically use French as their first language, while the few still left in Tunisia tend to use either French or Tunisan Arabic in their everyday lives.

Judeo-Tunisian Arabic is one of the Judeo-Arabic languages, a collection of Arabic dialects spoken by Jews living or formerly living in the Arab world.


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