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Juhan Kallaste (birth name Johan Kree;[1][2] 19 December 1891 Paistu Parish,[1] Holstre[3] or Paistu[2] – 28 August 1999 Viljandi) was an Estonian cleric and actor thought to be the oldest Estonian male on record. He lived for 107 years, 252 days. Before his death, he was also the oldest living Estonian. Since he changed his name in 1935 and there were claims that he was six years younger but made himself older to avoid the Soviet mobilisation during World War II, for some time during his lifetime Anna Jürnas was thought to be the oldest living Estonian (she became the oldest Estonian after Kallaste's death). However, Kallaste's birth-date was verified by the church registration book.[1][4] Kallaste's age has not been validated by any international body.

At age 12, he went to school in Pirmastu and he studied there for three years.

The Lutheran archbishop made him a Deacon. He was a vicar at Paistu, Kõpu, and Viljandi St Paul's congregation and an assistant cleric at Laiuse and Tarvastu congregations.[1] He buried 5,254 people, the first of them at age 15.[2][3]

Juhan Kallaste also worked as a joke teller and an actor in the theater Ugala.

He was married for some time but had no children.

A few years before his death, he remembered his biography in details. He spent his last years in an old people's home in Viljandi.[1] In his last two weeks, he lay in bed but was not in pain. He had not walked around for a long time but went to the toilet himself some months before his death.[2]


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