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The following is a list of characters featured in the Canadian television series Trailer Park Boys.

Main characters


Richard "Ricky" (Robb Wells), the series' protagonist, is a fun-loving, dim-witted lowlife who enjoys marijuana, pepperoni, chicken chips, licorice, cigarettes, ravioli, chicken fingers, and alcoholic beverages. In the 1999 original black-and-white "Trailer Park Boys" movie, Ricky used cocaine with Julian, which he references in the first episode of season one: as he is getting out of prison he tells the camera crew Julian hired that "[Julian]'s the one force-feeding me drugs and every other goddamn thing. ..." Ricky and Julian have been best friends since childhood and are almost codependent, with Ricky relying on his friend to guide him and keep his antics in check. While good-natured towards his friends and family, Ricky is also foul-mouthed, volatile, and aggressive, and almost always manages to anger, offend, and alienate those around him. He has always been a troublemaker and often refuses to take responsibility for his actions, illegal or otherwise. He seems to believe that any form of evidence of wrongdoing can be dispensed with by simply flinging it into the air from where he is standing or by submerging it in a nearby lake. As a result, the grounds of the trailer park and the lake are littered with evidence of crimes. A lifetime of drinking, smoking dope, and slacking off has left Ricky with a below-average intelligence for which he is often ridiculed. Even Ricky considers himself stupid, having repeatedly failed grades before entirely dropping out of school after Grade 9. He is also fairly clever and has many practical areas of expertise, such as growing marijuana, fixing cars, siphoning gas, and cooking. He also has an impressive way, when caught committing crimes by police, of confusing and dispersing them with simple conversation. Though characters such as Lahey or the police deride him as a loser and a criminal, he's devoted to his family, especially his daughter Trinity. Although he often tries to take the easy way out by breaking the law instead of getting a real job, he occasionally demonstrates dedication to work and education to prove that he's more than a lowly lowlife. Ricky is known for his trademark malapropisms ("Denial and Error"; "Catch-23 situation"; "Get two birds stoned at once"; "Worst case Ontario"; "It's clear to see who makes the pants here"), dubbed "Rickyisms" by fans. He often wears black track pants and a Houndstooth patterned shirt and enjoys listening to Canadian '80s rock bands such as Helix, April Wine, and Kim Mitchell. For most of the series, Ricky lives in and drives the "Shitmobile", a dilapidated 1975 Chrysler New Yorker. To his chagrin he resembles the hypnotist Peter Reveen. In season 8 Ricky gets a pet goldfish named "Orangie" who, naive to his own logic, keeps dying because he keeps giving him shooters, leaving Bubbles to trick Ricky that Orangie is in a deep sleep while Jacob and Cory must replace the goldfish without Ricky's knowledge. In season 9 Ricky acquires a pet baby goat, which he names "Willy Goat"; Ricky also becomes a grandfather in season 9 when Trinity gives birth to a son, The Motel, of whom Jacob Collins is the father. Ricky struggles to accept this at first, but soon seems to realize that Jacob is similar to himself and gives Jacob his blessing to marry Trinity. As in previous seasons, Ricky remains devoted to his family, including his new grandson, and to his pets despite his attempts to get them drunk and stoned.


Julian (John Paul Tremblay) is a primary character in the series, and the one responsible for hiring the camera crew to document his life. Like Ricky, Julian enjoys marijuana and alcoholic beverages, and he used to smoke cigarettes. In the original 1999 black-and-white movie "Trailer Park Boys," Julian sold and used cocaine, and Ricky also indulged. Throughout the show's following seasons it is implied that Julian and Ricky still indulge in cocaine, off camera, and on camera they can be seen doing quick inhales through their nostrils. Despite being a career criminal, Julian follows a clearly defined set of morals and often displays a level of honour and selflessness well beyond that of a normal criminal. He is very well-read and possesses a wide vocabulary, which often confuses Ricky. Julian and Ricky have been best friends since childhood, although Julian is often appalled by Ricky's actions. Julian's main goal in life, alongside Ricky, is to get rich quick and retire, and he spends most of the series pursuing this goal via a series of audacious crimes, such as bootlegging, dealing drugs, and stealing barbecues. Julian is very clever and almost always finds a creative solution to the various problems the Boys encounter, though he lacks Ricky's talent for lying to the police. Although he often appears intimidating to other characters, Julian is actually very compassionate and prefers to avoid confrontations, though he will not hesitate to fight back when things turn violent. Julian has a muscular build and always wears a tight black T-shirt. As a running joke, he almost always has a glass of rum and Coke in hand, regardless of the situation, including a scene in Season 2's seventh episode in which he emerges from a crashed - and rolled - vehicle with his glass still in hand, and in the film Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, where he continues carrying it even when impersonating a security guard for an armored car. He is the only one of the Boys with a proper home, his late grandmother's trailer. Due to an embarrassing childhood incident, Julian becomes greatly offended when referred to as Patrick Swayze.


Bubbles (Mike Smith) is Julian and Ricky's closest friend and the series' breakout character. In the first season, like most of the characters in the show, Bubbles maintains a somewhat-reserved demeanour to look good on camera. As the series progresses, he reveals many sides to his personality.

Although Bubbles' full name is never revealed, it's used by hospitals, courts, and other officials. Bubbles is known for his hoarse Maritimer English, sensitive nature, pearl snap shirts, and thick glasses that magnify his eyes to a considerable degree.

The episode "Propane, Propane" (Season 4, Episode 7) reveals that Bubbles may be legally blind, as he cannot see how many fingers are held up directly before his face by a truck-driving instructor who admonishes him for not being able to see "jackshit."

Bubbles often acts as the Boys' conscience and tries to be the voice of reason during their misadventures. He is intelligent and has a larger general knowledge than most of the other residents, displaying knowledge of Greek philosophy. He regularly chastises his comrades for being "drunk and on drugs."

Placed with Julian's grandmother by his parents at age 6, Bubbles lives in a tool shed with his numerous cats, who are his only family. Bubbles has taken it upon himself to care for every stray cat in Sunnyvale. He makes his living by salvaging shopping carts, repairing them, and selling them back to stores, but he is also willing to partake in the Boys' various get-rich-quick schemes with only mild objections, because he considers Ricky and Julian to be his only family other than his "kitties". Although his life is not always easy, Bubbles takes great pride in being a self-made man and prefers his simple life of independence to any offer of free lodging from his friends. Bubbles has a sentimental, kind nature and often cries when threatened or upset. The episode "Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself" reveals that Julian's grandmother promised Bubbles' parents that Julian would always look after him.

Bubbles dislikes gunfights and is often appalled at the dangerous situations that Ricky and Julian get themselves into, but when he is forced into a shootout his firearms of choice are AK-47 variants, such as the Galil MAR and Type 56 assault rifle. Bubbles' wrestling alter-ego is the "Green Bastard." His favorite band is Rush.

Jim Lahey

James "Jim" Lahey (John Dunsworth) is the supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park and the series' main antagonist. In his youth, Lahey was an idealistic police officer, but since his wrongful dismissal as a result of a prank by Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles on Halloween 1977, he degenerated into a bitter alcoholic. Still, he has devoted himself to making Sunnyvale a better place to live, accompanied by his devoted assistant Randy. Even in his most incoherent moments, Lahey maintains an extreme affinity for the trailer park and all of its residents except Ricky. Lahey bears a grudge against Ricky and Julian; having been forced to watch them grow from childhood troublemakers to full-fledged criminals, he considers them to be the greatest threat to the safety and stability of the park. He spends most of the series trying to get the Boys thrown back in jail, often neglecting his real, rather mundane duties as trailer-park supervisor.

Many characters consider these antics to be more of an excuse to relive his days as a police officer than a genuine quest for justice. It is also implied that in spite of his attempts to rid the trailer park of Julian and Ricky, in reality he can't live without them. This is especially noteworthy when observing Lahey's physical attraction to Julian. Even in the most inebriated state he can think clearly and come up with crafty and devious plans to derail the Boys' plans, have them arrested, and - in an extreme case - even to have them eliminated, and he will gladly exploit anything as his disposal. For example, he leverages Julian's emotional attachment to his grandmother's trailer to skewer him; in another instance he cunningly employs the Boys' enemies to attack them. In Season 6 he enters a "peace treaty" with the Boys to overlook, even hide, their illegal activities; he maintains this treaty with some success.

In Season 1, Julian discovered that Lahey and Randy were having a homosexual relationship and agreed to keep it a secret, but in Season 3 both men admitted they were gay. In fact, Lahey is bisexual and has a daughter Treena from his marriage to Barb Lahey. He is known for his numerous "shit" metaphors, such as "shiticane", "a shitapple never falls far from the shit tree", "shiterpillar growing into a shit moth," "shit ropes," "shit hawks," "shitty city," "the winds of shit," "shit blizzard," "shit puppets," "shit line," "shit river," "double-barrelled shit machine gun,", "shitageddon," "shitquake," etc. Assigned to clean out Bill and Alvena's trailer moments after their eviction, he finds footage on a tape labelled "Halloween 1977" that proves that he was not drinking in the events that caused his dismissal from the police force. He is reinstated at the end of Season 6, but at the end of Season 7 he retires.


Randall, commonly referred to as Randy and Bobandy (BOH bandy) (Patrick Roach), is the secondary antagonist and Lahey's devoted Assistant Trailer-Park Supervisor. Their relationship began in 1997 when Lahey's then-wife Barbara found Randy turning tricks for cheeseburgers while calling himself "Smokey" and wearing a cowboy hat. Out of her Christian charity, she invited him to stay with them for a time. It is revealed in Season 6 that Randy is bisexual; he had been maintaining a sexual relationship with Lahey, but also becomes sexually attracted to Sarah and Lucy, the latter apparently being pregnant by him. Randy and the boys were schoolyard chums and, though he usually sides with Lahey against them, he also demonstrates some lingering thread of friendship toward them. He almost never wears a shirt and wears very tight white pants, which he removes when engaging in a physical fight. He is addicted to cheeseburgers and onion rings (thus being called "Lord of the Onion Rings") and his resulting pronounced belly is his major target for ridicule, especially from J-Roc. In Season 7 Randy becomes a frequent user of marijuana and goes into business with Phil Collins, operating an RV/food truck producing hamburgers, which are called "Dirty Burger"(s). In the episode "Jump The Cheeseburger", he attempts to jump an inflatable cheeseburger on his bicycle while wrapped in cardboard for protection; the jump and the business both fail.

Randy's relationship with Lahey mirrors their work hierarchy, with Lahey calling the shots, speaking in a commanding voice, and doing what he wants, while Randy obediently conforms, following orders with a warm "Yes, Mr. Lahey". At the same time, Lahey holds deep affection for Randy, and is usually seen as sad whenever Randy breaks up with him. Similarly, Randy holds deep concern for Lahey's well-being, specifically his severe alcoholism. Randy patiently tries to bring out the best in Lahey by subtle means. For example, with Lahey's drunk antics going out of control, Randy videotapes them with the hope of showing them to him later. Randy calls Lahey "Mr. Lahey", except on very rare occasions when he is angry with him and (rather contemptuously) calls him "James." Lahey affectionately calls him "Bo-Bandy" occasionally when he is drunk. Like Lahey, Randy drinks heavily, but he is sober more often than Lahey and acts as the voice of reason during Lahey's occasional lapses of insanity.


Lucy (Lucy DeCoutere) is Ricky's on-and-off demanding girlfriend, the mother of his daughter Trinity. Ricky is extremely loyal to Lucy, but Lucy is promiscuous, especially when drunk and stoned on marijuana, but Lucy expresses a genuine desire to be a responsible parent and will go to great lengths to ensure that Trinity does not end up like her father. Lucy and Julian had a brief relationship after high school, which Julian would rather forget. Her relationship with Ricky has taken many turns throughout the series; at the end of Season 1 she agrees to marry Ricky though she never seemed interested in doing so, but she breaks up with him after he's arrested during the wedding. Ricky is finally able to rekindle their relationship during Season 5. At the end of Season 7 she gives birth to Randy's son, who was conceived during a weekend Ricky spent in jail. Although Ricky has difficulty accepting that the baby is not his, he's happy he doesn't have to pay child support, but still treats the baby as his own.


Sarah (Sarah E. Dunsworth) is Lucy's best friend and roommate. She moved in with Lucy and Trinity while Ricky was in prison at the beginning of the first season. Both the actress and her character were credited as Sara during the first season. Sarah is much more insightful and level-headed than Lucy. She and Lucy make their living running a beauty salon out of their trailer. Although she prefers to distance herself from the Boys' antics, she will often lend her assistance if she stands to gain from it. Her relationship with Ricky is a key aspect of her character; she dates Ricky in Season 2 after Lucy breaks up with him. But after Ricky is arrested again, she breaks up with him and becomes increasingly disrespectful and hostile towards him. In Season 4 she begins dating Cory and Trevor, becoming very protective of them and trying to discourage them from working with Ricky. Although she claims to love them, she denies being their girlfriend or lover, until she announces at the end of Season 4 that she plans to marry them. At the end of Season 7 she starts dating Jacob Collins. She often mocks Ricky's intelligence (or lack thereof) and chastises him for mistreating Cory and Trevor. In real life, Sarah is the daughter of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey).

J-Roc and T

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens), real name Jamie, is a white rapper who perpetuates black stereotypes in his speech and mannerisms. He honestly believes that he is black, and severely detests being called "Jamie." In the episode "Who's the Microphone Assassin?" he temporarily enters a deep identity crisis when Moncton rapper D.V.S. (Detroit Velvet Smooth) chastises him for imitating his rap, and questions his black identity. He speaks in caricatured Black Vernacular English and very frequently uses the phrase "You know what I'm saying?" (pronounced, "Knowm sayin'?") He also frequently uses "Motherfuckers" (pronounced, "Ma-fuckas") to refer to things and people in a good-natured way. J-Roc is a close friend of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, and is quite friendly and good-natured. In addition to his musical aspirations, J-Roc, along with his best friend and partner Tyrone (or "T", as he prefers to be called) lead a gang called the "Roc-Pile", which is responsible for some of the criminal activity in the park. Despite their claim to be "gangsta", both J-Roc and T are cowards who quickly shy away from the prospect of violence or arrest. J-Roc and the Roc-Pile often help Ricky and Julian with their money-making schemes, usually by acting as their fence or providing them with extra manpower. J-Roc also has several criminal contacts and often provides the lucrative opportunities that the Boys seek. He has dabbled in the amateur pornography business, directing at least five straight-to-video titles, including "From Russia With The Love Bone," "The Bare Pimp Project," "Cheerie-Hoes," "Fire Hoes," and "Greasy Trailer Park Girls Gone Wild." During the series' final two seasons, J-Roc and T father children with two different women and, unable to tell whose child is whose, they agree to raise them together as "co-daddies."

Cory and Trevor

Cory and Trevor (Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson) are two misguided, codependent young men whom Ricky and Julian often use as jail cover and scapegoats; the younger boys almost always ruin the older Boys' plans, due either to their own incompetence or unfortunate circumstances. Roommates and best friends, Cory and Trevor are rarely seen apart. They have been helping the Boys since they were six years old and admire them to the point of hero-worship, but although Julian genuinely cares about their well-being, Ricky treats them shabbily, always blaming them for what goes wrong, no matter who or what is actually at fault, while demanding cigarettes. Eventually, Cory and Trevor get a restraining order against Ricky and start working almost solely for Julian, who "trains" them as one would train a dog: whistling for them to come, issuing simple commands, and rewarding good "performance" with treats. When they are not helping the boys, Cory and Trevor will either be working for J-Roc, looting vehicles, or running the local trailer-park shop with Sarah. Bowles and Jackson left the show after Season 6 due to discontent about the production; their departure was explained by the announcement that Cory and Trevor had been committed to a mental institution and advised to never return to Sunnyvale. A running joke for Cory and Trevor is their tendency to raise their hands hoping for a high five from the boys, who usually leave them hanging. Cory returns alone in season 8, having apparently just lost touch with Trevor. He resumes his role as a lackey to Ricky and Julian, with Jacob Collins as his new partner.

Barb Lahey

Barbara "Barb" Lahey (Shelley Thompson) is the owner of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. She was married to Jim until she divorced him after being embarrassed at his alcohol addiction. She and Jim are still on fairly good terms and still harbor feelings for each other. She is also on good terms with the Boys, and usually tolerates their activities within the park, provided they pay their lot fees. Barb dates Sam Losco in Season 2, but breaks up with him after discovering his involvement in one of J-Roc's porn films. Barb becomes a full-time resident of Sunnyvale in Season 4, after financial troubles force her to sell her house. She and Jim have a daughter named Treena. Barb is considered to be rather promiscuous and had once proposed marriage to Ricky, prior to the latter being sent to jail at the end of Season 4. Barb had gotten back with Jim in Season 7, but later ran off with Sam Losco towards the end of the series.

Shelley Thompson first appeared as the officiant of Ricky and Lucy's disrupted wedding at the end of Season 1, though she was not identified as Barbara Lahey.


Trinity (Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart) is Lucy's daughter by Ricky, although there are occasional hints throughout the series that Julian is her biological father. She is beloved by both men; Ricky in particular has proven willing to do almost anything for her. Portrayed as a sweet grade-schooler in season one, Trinity becomes less innocent and more troublesome as the series progresses. Despite Ricky's frequent absences from Trinity's life, they manage to maintain a loving father-daughter relationship. Born in Nova Scotia, Jeanna started acting on the show at 6 years old, and has been doing it for 16 years and counting. With the release of the new seasons, she has a bigger and more important role than ever before. - COMP 1105


Ray (Barrie Dunn) is Ricky's irresponsible father. His wife Tammy left him when Ricky was very young. His parental involvement with his son was lax to say the least, but their relationship is strong. He often calls people "bud" or "buddy," even if he doesn't like them, saying "Because I don't like you, bud" to Lahey or "Fuckin' love you, buddy" to Ricky. Ray was a truck-driver prior to the start of the series, but he lost his licence after he crashed his truck into a post office while drunk. Since then, Ray has been on Disability fraud living off workman's comp., claiming that he suffered a crippling muscle spasm that renders him unable to walk. He spends most of the series in a wheelchair until he is exposed and imprisoned in Season 5. While in a wheelchair he constantly referred to himself as "the guy in the chair". From his truck-driving years he has acquired the habit of urinating in jugs, which he leaves around the trailer park. Ray claims to be a Calvinist, although his understanding of Calvinism (and of Christianity in general) is quite limited; the main appeal of Calvinism is the concept of predestination, which he misinterprets to mean that he need not account for his irresponsible actions. Ray drinks heavily and is addicted to gambling, especially playing video lottery terminals. He usually brushes off bad situations with "the way she goes" and "it's the way of the road". In Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It Ray is revealed to have died as the result of an explosion at the dump where he lived, but it turns out that he performed a life-insurance fraud scam and is actually alive and living at a Florida dump.

Jacob Collins

Jacob Collins (Jacob Rolfe) is a young man who often works at a convenience store, a hardware store, and other minimum wage jobs. For most of the series, Jacob's appearances revolve around being robbed by Cory and Trevor or Ricky, and being fired as a result. In Season 7 Jacob is revealed to be the son of Phil Collins, and takes a more active role in the show, effectively acting as a replacement for Cory and Trevor. Jacob idolizes Julian, and even goes so far as to mimic his appearance and mannerisms. Made a main character in season 8, he becomes Cory's partner and the father of Trinity's son, whom she wanted to name Ray but Jacob messed up the birth certificate so that the name appears to be "The Motel."

Recurring characters

"Shitty" Bill

"Shitty" Bill (Brian Huggins) is a local scrap-metal operator who helps Bubbles with his shopping-cart salvaging plan. His nickname goes back to childhood, when an attempted fart turned into defecation. According to Bubbles, Bill considers his nickname offensive - not the "Shitty" part, but "Bill." His first appearance is in season 5, and he is frequently mentioned in season 7, often acting as the Boys' liaison outside the park.

Bottle Kids

The Bottle Kids are a gang of young kids or teens who amuse themselves by bombarding various park residents with empty liquor bottles, an abundant commodity in Sunnyvale. Randy is a frequent target due to his obesity and lack of a shirt; he mostly bears the strain of their attacks. The park residents have long since learned to be on guard for their attacks; their appearances are always preceded by somebody shouting "Bottle kids!" causing everyone in the vicinity to seek cover. In Season 5, Trinity joins their ranks; watching her in action alongside the others, Jim Lahey muses, "What's wrong with parents these days?"


Candy (Karen LeBlanc) is a woman Julian meets at a bank when Ricky attempts to get a loan. In the season 1 finale she appears ready to move into a trailer with Julian, but at Ricky and Lucy's wedding the Boys are arrested, and Candy is never seen or mentioned again.


Conky (voiced by Mike Smith) is a ventriloquist puppet that Bubbles made in his own image when he was in Grade 6. Bubbles treats Conky as a trusted friend, but bestows him with a caustic, annoying, and domineering personality. Conky tends to insult people, especially Ricky; his utterances even shock Bubbles himself. Not long after Bubbles created Conky, Ricky and Julian stole Conky and threw him into the local swamp because they were tired of "his" insults and worried about Bubbles' sanity. In Season 4 they must recover Conky to convince Bubbles to go to the hospital to have an infected tooth treated. Conky immediately resumes insulting Ricky and bullying Bubbles. Eventually, Julian shoots Conky "dead" and he and Ricky dispose of the remains in the swamp as a distraught Bubbles looks on. At the end of Season 7, a stressed-out Bubbles retrieves and restores Conky. During this time, it is implied that Conky might have his own sentient consciousness, as he calls the police on the boys while everyone, including Bubbles, is seemingly asleep. Eventually, Bubbles realizes that he needs to lose Conky for good and "drowns" him.

In Season 7 Episode 8, Bubbles tells how his grandfather, a vaudeville ventriloquist, left Conky to him. This could be a retcon for Conky's origin or an indication of Conky's warping influence on Bubbles' sense of reality.

Philadelphia Collins

Philadelphia "Phil" Collins (Richard Collins) is known mostly for his obesity. Though he is always referred to as "Phil Collins", nobody except Sam Losco and Randy seem to make the connection between him and the musician of the same name; Sam is eager to use the musician's song titles as epithets toward him ("Drive, 'Easy Lover,' drive!"), while Randy warns him away at one point using the term, "Sussudio Motherfucker". Others have nicknamed him "Lord Of The Onion Rings," "Mustard Tiger," "Bologna Tugboat," and "The Human House." Phil has appeared as a greasy motel owner, a taxi driver, and Lahey's paving assistant. He is paranoid about people looking at his belly, which Ricky calls "the biggest, most powerful gut anyone has ever seen." He belches loudly when hit in the stomach. He and Randy share a genuine, cheeseburger-loving-fueled friendship. In Season 7 he and Randy open a cheeseburger restaurant, the Dirty Burger, which they run out of Losco's RV. Phil is the father of Jacob and Thomas Collins. The actor who played Philadelphia Collins (Richard Collins) died on April 15, 2013.

Thomas Collins

Thomas Collins (Mike O'Neill), Phil Collins' other son, made his first appearance in Season 7's episode, "The Mustard Tiger." He drives a 1967 "RS Camaro". He is very protective of his brother Jacob, always trying to keep him away from the trouble he believes will result from associating with Julian. He is later revealed as an aggressive brute, pushing Ricky up to trailer walls, grabbing Julian's collar, and fighting with Sam Losco.


Cyrus (Bernard Robichaud) is the Boys' nemesis and a supporting antagonist. He is a bully and criminal who enjoys waving his Beretta 92 around to terrorize the trailer-park residents. He is introduced in the series premiere, in which he has assumed control of the park by threatening to shoot anyone who opposes him. Julian later drives him from the park, exposing him as a coward. Like Ricky, Cyrus is a high-school dropout. In Season 2 he attempts to get his Grade 10 along with Ricky, but fails after he is caught (and exposed by Ricky) using Jacob to cheat on the exam. Cyrus drives a red 1978 Corvette, which he proudly keeps in pristine condition, although the Boys vandalize it in Season 4. He is heard listening to the same song in the car "I'm Old, You're Young" by Rick Jeffery every time he enters or leaves an area. He is seemingly jailed for good at the end of Season 5, but re-appears in the final special "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys". After attempting to steal money and dope from the boys, he is sent back to jail for violating his probation. Cyrus ends every conversation (or confrontation) with the same line: "Fuck off, I got work to do."


Danny (voiced by Mike Smith) is an unseen trailer park resident who frequently screams profanity off-camera, usually in reaction to the Boys' antics. Most commonly he can be heard screaming "What in the fuck!" and "Fuck off with the guns!" whenever something goes wrong. Occasionally he screams longer monologues, such as in "A Man's Gotta Eat". In season seven, Danny can be heard screaming "Have another drink, Ray!" when Ray crashes into a tree. Danny can also be heard screaming in jail when the inmates' movie night gets canceled in Trailer Park Boys: The Movie. In the hour-long Christmas Special he is heard screaming, "Brenda, you shut the fuck up!", revealing that he has a wife.

Dennis and Terry

Dennis and Terry (Mio Adilman and Nobu Adilman) are Japanese-Canadian brothers who use their grandmother's house as a cover to deal hash. They debuted in Season 5's opening episode, "Give Peace a Chance." Ricky has known them since childhood, but Julian and Bubbles don't like them much because they abuse their grandmother's trust; also, they habitually stroll around the house wearing only bathrobes and not keeping their private parts covered. They quickly become enemies of the Boys after revealing that they work with Cyrus. At the end of Season 5, they are imprisoned with Cyrus. Terry and Dennis, and Cyrus, re-appear in the episode "Shit Blizzard," seeking revenge for their stolen hash and car. At the end of Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, they materialize with Cyrus and other characters.

Detroit Velvet Smooth

Detroit Velvet Smooth (DVS) (Garry "Papa Grand" James) is an independent rapper who is introduced in Season 3's episode Who's the Microphone Assassin? in which DVS is informed by Lahey that J-Roc is pirating his music. DVS proceeds to crash J-Roc's rap concert at the trailer park and threaten him, but later has a change of heart. In Season 4, DVS joins the Roc-Pile as J-Roc's manager. He does not hail from Detroit, as his name would imply, but rather from Moncton, New Brunswick. Ricky often refers to him as "DVD."


Gary (Kim Dunn, real-life brother of Barrie Dunn) is a mall manager, then security chief who is often at odds with the Boys, especially Bubbles, whose cart operation frequently interferes with Gary's duties. Gary is also seen as a liquor store clerk in the Season 3 episode "The Delusions of Officer Jim Lahey".

George Green

George Green (George Green) is the local police officer most often dispatched to deal with Ricky and Julian, who easily fool him; he very rarely makes a successful police raid and hustles somebody off to jail. In season 6 it is revealed that he was Lahey's partner in the 1970s and he was the one who caught Lahey covered with liquor and pissed pants after a fight with the boys, forcing him to resign from the force. The Boys frequently describe Green as "the stupidest cop there is," but the reason they fool him so easily is that because of his history with Lahey, he can't believe anything Lahey says, and chooses to believe Ricky, Julian, or whoever else names Lahey as the source of the problem. In season 7, Green and Ted Johnson attempt to murder Lahey, Randy, and Phil Collins; with the help of Ray and the Boys, Lahey frames them for police brutality and they are dismissed and incarcerated for five years. In season 8, Green is seen out of jail, working as Head of Security at the local mall, and living with Lucy. Unknown to the Boys and Lahey, Green was reinstated and tasked with surveilling the park for illegal activity - basically performing Lahey's role of the previous seven seasons.

Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson (Jim Swansburg) was the detective officer who arrested Ricky at his season 1 wedding. He returns in season 5 as George Green's replacement, and in season 6 as an officer along with Green, then back to being a patrol officer. In season 6, it is revealed that he is gay and he becomes involved with Randy, but their relationship apparently ends in the season finale after his disappointment of Randy's attempt to jail the Boys with stolen evidence. Johnson is much more difficult to deceive than Green, but like Green he is sentenced to five years for police brutality on Ray, which was entirely set up by Lahey and Ray.

Treena Lahey

Treena Lahey (Ellen Page) is Jim and Barbara Lahey's daughter, who appears regularly in season 2. Although her father warns her against associating with the Boys, she quickly develops a friendship with Ricky after he fixes her bicycle. She is also good friends with Bubbles and Julian and often seeks solace with them during her parents' less-reasonable periods. Despite Barb becoming a regular Sunnyvale resident in season 4, Treena is never seen after season 2, but Jim mentions her in season 4's "Propane, Propane" when he proposes re-marriage to Barbara.

Levi and Desiree

Levi (Ardon Bess) and Desiree (Sandi Ross) are an aging couple, seemingly the most prosperous people in the trailer park, who appear in season 1. Levi works in the waste management business and got Ricky his first job when he hired him as a garbage truck driver, then promptly fired him for crashing the truck while driving drunk. They are also referred to as Julian's foster parents, who raised Julian after they found him abandoned in the trailer park. They are never seen or mentioned after season 1 and the "orphan" backstory seems to have been passed to Bubbles.


Linda (Linda Busby) is J-Roc's mother. She first appears with Mr. Lahey and Randy during J-Roc's filming of "From Russia With the Love Bone," when she grounds him for his actions. She usually disapproves of her son's style and mocks him. In the episode "Who's the Microphone Assassin?" she accidentally walks in on J-Roc while he's masturbating. Later, after J-Roc second-guesses his "blackness," she tries to convince him that he is indeed the microphone assassin and encourages him to perform in his rap concert. She further brightens his mood by revealing that she has had relationships with black men in the past, and he might have biological Afro-Caribbean roots. In season 2's third episode, J-Roc is able to allow Julian to open a nightclub in his and his mom's trailer while she's in Moncton for two weeks.

Sam Losco

Sam Losco (Sam Tarasco) is a supporting antagonist who first appears in Season 1. Initially a veterinarian, Sam loses his medical licence after helping Ricky fix a bullet wound, as veterinarians are not supposed to operate on humans. In Season 2 Sam runs for the post of Trailer Park Supervisor but loses to Jim Lahey after Julian slips hallucinogenic mushrooms into his food before his campaign speech. He later attempts to romance Barb Lahey, but is foiled by Julian. In Season 4, Sam is able to restart his veterinary practice (on probation) and Bubbles often brings his kitties to him for their checkups. He is not particularly fond of Ricky or Julian, as they are responsible for most of his problems.

His favourite food seems to be greasy hot dogs, and several characters have insultingly called him a "caveman" for his general resemblance to a stereotypical Neanderthal. In Season 6 Sam has apparently lost his veterinary practice again and works at East Coast Paving, until he is fired after a prank-call from Ricky. In season 6's final episode, he kidnaps Randy at gunpoint, believing he had caused him to lose the paving-company job. In season 7, he sends secret-admirer love letters to Barb Lahey; in episode 7 he reveals himself as her secret admirer and she leaves Jim to elope with Sam. In the series finale, Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, Sam robs Julian's DeLorean, which contained all the money they had earned in season 7's train-smuggling operation; the police pull him over and confiscate the money.

In season 8, Sam rides around with Cyrus and assists him with his plans. In season 9, Sam is homeless and living in a cave. This completes the metamorphosis of Sam actually being a caveman. He is soon discovered to be the "samsquanch" that Bubbles and Ricky ended up tracking down. At the end of the season finale, Sam is shot with a tranquilizer gun by forest rangers and taken away in a pickup truck presumably to be studied.

Erica Miller

Constable Erica Miller (Shauna MacDonald) is a police officer who falls for Julian in Season 3, hoping that he would leave his current life behind. She later realizes that Julian will never change and arrests him. In the Season 4 episode "A Man's Gotta Eat", she briefly appears as an undercover cop as part of a prostitution sting.

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. Peterson (Alma Godwin, d. 2004) is an elderly park resident who mistakenly believes Julian is her grandson; Julian genuinely cares for her as though she really were his grandmother. She lives alone with her dog Sparky and her sole appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Mrs. Peterson's Dog Gets Fucked Up," although she's occasionally mentioned throughout the series. Mrs. Peterson is not be confused with Julian's actual grandmother, who is also mentioned on several occasions.

Officer Robin

Officer Robin (Novalea Buchan), is usually the second officer with Officer George Green and appeared mostly in Season 4. She escorted Randy back to Mr. Lahey's car while George Green told Mr. Lahey a "shit wolf" fable. She also helped drag Mr. Lahey and Randy out of Sam Losco's veterinarian's office in Season 4's episode 5, "Conky" after they had been shot with tranquilizer darts. Ricky and friends came up with a plan to deceive Green and Robin by putting dog urine on their groin areas and say "they were drunk as fuck, and passed out pissing themselves." Robin also arrested J-Roc after he said he was on crack-cocaine and escorted him to the police which would later turn out to be the next "album cover" according to his manager at the time, Detroit Velvet Smooth.

Celebrity appearances

  • Cecil Wright - Noted sports commentator on East link TV and baseball coach was a customer at the illegal gas bar in the park.
  • Brian Vollmer (from the band, Helix) — Vollmer makes a cameo appearance in the extras for the Season 3 DVD and as a John in Countdown To Liquor Day.
  • Rita MacNeil (Canadian singer-songwriter) — Played herself in the Season 4 finale, "Working Man", where she and her backup singers were forced to harvest marijuana at gunpoint by Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. She does not complain; she even sweetly informs Ricky, "Here's a nice one, dear" when handing him a freshly picked dope plant.
  • Gordon Downie (from the band The Tragically Hip) - Downie makes an appearance in Sunnyvale with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in the Tragically Hip's music video for "The Darkest One." He also made an appearance as a police officer in the Trailer Park Boys Movie, "The Big Dirty". Downie's latest appearance was in the episode "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys". He is seen eating a bologna sandwich.
  • Maury Chaykin (actor) - Appeared as the chief of police who reinstated Mr. Lahey as an officer on the Season 6 episode "Gimme My Fucking Money or Randy's Dead."
  • Sebastian Bach (from the band Skid Row) — In Season 7, Bach plays an exaggerated version of himself. He is a model train enthusiast and the boys' client for their major dope-smuggling scheme. Ricky meets Sebastian at the autograph session of the train convention hard up and looking for dope. Ricky then sells all of his dashboard dope to Sebastian because Sebastian had not had dope like Ricky's since Europe 1988, when Skid Row toured with The Scorpions. Originally supposed to pay cash, Bach convinces them to take $250,000 US worth of cigarettes as payment instead; the deal worked out, and the boys made roughly $450,000 US (which they later lost when Sam and Barb stole Julian's DeLorean in the Series finale "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys"). Bach returns to the show for season 8.
  • Denny Doherty (singer-songwriter) - Played the FBI agent "Ryan Shockneck" in the Season 7 finale. He died soon after filming and the episode was dedicated to him.