Kaientai Dojo

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Kaientai Dojo
Acronym K-DOJO
Founded 2002
Headquarters Japan
Founder(s) Taka Michinoku
Owner(s) Taka Michinoku

Kaientai Dojo (or K-DOJO for short) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion and training facility owned and promoted by Taka Michinoku. The promotion places emphasis on a new style of Puroresu that combines high-flying, technical wrestling and martial arts. This style was largely contributed to by Taka Michinoku and is gaining popularity in Japan and abroad. K-DOJO is also heavily influenced by American-style wrestling and places a large amount of importance on presentation. For instance, each Club-K 3000 show that K-DOJO runs is equipped with a large screen near the entrance gate, similar to the Titantron, where a short introductory vignette is played during each wrestler's entrance and where the crowd can follow the action on-screen.

They had a home building that doubles as their training facility, Chiba Blue Field, where all of their Club-K 3000 shows were held; in December 2011, the building was bought by all-female wrestling promotion Universal Woman's Pro Wrestling Reina, but K-Dojo continues to run shows from the renamed Reina Arena.[1] On April 1, 2013, the arena was again renamed Blue Field.


Kaientai Dojo originated in 2000 as a small wrestling school in Puerto Rico run by Taka Michinoku. After Taka returned to Japan in 2002, he established the Japanese branch of Kaientai Dojo, which would soon become a wrestling promotion. The small federation grew over the years and is now an independent league that runs as a promotion, wrestling school and talent loan organization to various other leagues such as AJPW, Dragon Gate and Michinoku Pro.

Until recently, K-DOJO was separated into two distinct sides, GET and RAVE, which ran separate shows but often joined together during large shows and tours. GET was led by Taka Michinoku while RAVE's leader was Hi69. After Hi69's departure, Taka Michinoku became commissioner of RAVE and 296 became commissioner of GET. On April 22, 2007, RAVE ran its last show; the two brands merged and now run joint shows.

A particular aspect of K-DOJO is that it is one of the few wrestling promotions to feature both men and women. Women can wrestle in the same ring as men, either during mixed tag matches or even singles matches. Also, they can challenge for championship belts, something that would be unheard of in most wrestling promotions.




Championship: Current champion(s): Date won:
Champion of Strongest-K Tank Nagai September 6, 2015
Strongest-K Tag Team Championship Kengo Mashimo and Yuki Sato September 6, 2015
UWA World Middleweight Championship Hiro Tonai November 1, 2015
Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship Shiori Asahi November 1, 2015
WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship Ryuichi Sekine and Kotaro Nasu November 1, 2015


Championship: Final champion(s): Date won:
UWA/UWF Intercontinental Tag Team Championship Kazma and Kengo Mashimo March 5, 2006
Chiba 6 Man Tag Team Championship Daigoro Kashiwa, Kaji Tomato and Marines Mask II December 18, 2011

Annual tournaments

Tournament Latest winner: Date won:
Bo-so Golden Tag Tournament Tank Nagai and Yuki Sato March 8, 2015
K-Metal League Kotaro Yoshino May 6, 2015
Kaio Tournament Kengo Mashimo September 14, 2014


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