Kaori Moriyama

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Kaori Moriyama
Medal record
Representing  Japan
Women's Judo
World Championships
Bronze medal – third place 1984 Vienna -61 kg
Asian Championships
Gold medal – first place 1985 Tokyo -61 kg

Kaori Moriyama (森山 かおり Moriyama Kaori?, née Hachinohe Hachinohe (八戸?); born 4 January 1964) is a retired female Japanese judo wrestler.

Moriyama is from Hakodate, Hokkaidō and began judo at the age of a junior high school second grader.[1]

When she was a student of Tokai University, she studied under former world champion, Nobuyuki Sato[1] and got bronze medal of World Championships in 1984. In the next year, she won the gold medal at Asian Championships, All-Japan Selected Championships, Kodokan Cup and All-Japan University Championships with her proud skill, Osotogari and Newaza[1]

She retired and became a teacher of the senior high school in Hokkaidō after graduation at a university in 1986. As of 2010, Moriyama coaches judo at high school in Kanagawa Prefecture.


  • 1979 - All-Japan Selected Championships (-65 kg) 2nd
  • 1980 - All-Japan Selected Championships (-61 kg) 2nd
  • 1981 - All-Japan Selected Championships (-61 kg) 2nd
  • 1982 - All-Japan Selected Championships (-61 kg) 1st
  • 1983 - All-Japan Selected Championships (-61 kg) 1st
  • 1984 - World Championships (-61 kg) 3rd
- All-Japan Selected Championships (-61 kg) 1st
- All-Japan Selected Championships (-61 kg) 1st
- All-Japan University Championships (Openweight only) 1st


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